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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dutchacres, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I have this account that is a monthly contract. In there contract they pay for mowing, 5 treatments and 2 shrub trimming. Well I went by the place the other day to check out to see if it was going to need mowed this week since we have not had any rain in what feels like forever. Well I was surprised to see the shrubs had been trimmed I guess I will use the word trimmed but more like hacked. I am guessing the maintenance guy must have trimmed them. It was on my schedule to do either late this week or next. I have always trimmed them in June for the 5 years I have done this place. I am now wondering what to do since they paid for the service but did the work themselves. Should I refund them some money or do another service to offset the cost. The trimming looks terrible and I am ashamed that my name is going to be on this job. I was going to call the maintenance guy tomorrow and let him know what I was going to do. What do you guys think?
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    Just pretend they weren't trimmed...try to fix his bad job. And bill them either way...it can't be a non-compliance issue because it's not your fault they were done by somebody else.
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    I agree, fix the butchery the best you can and inform them they may be trying to help, but in the end they are making things harder for you.
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    That is kind of what I thought but I don't think I will be able to fix them much. Most of these shrubs are yews and they cut most of all the green off them so they are mostly back to sticks. That wouldn't be a big deal with the other shrubs but the yews look like crap when they are trimmed back to far.
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    If it helps any I can tell you what not to do...

    Things such as don't drink alcohol on their property, don't take a crap in their front yard...
    No, seriously, no going to the bathroom anywhere, not even in the woods out back.
    Good, so long we're down with those, now don't do anything you plan on leaving a bill for without the customer's informed consent.
    Things such as trimming something that's been hacked by someone other than you...
    I find that frustrating (some days highly so), but I'd sure be for asking them what the situation was before I put any effort into it.
    Otherwise you might not get paid one, and two you can be out of a customer.

    Imagine yourself...
    Working on your car, and you're not too good at it but manage to "plug" a tire, lets just say it's a bit shoddy but it holds air...
    Then later that month you bring the car to a mechanic for an oil change...
    And they "fix" the tire and tack $50 on to the bill.
    How would that fly?

    And I know it ain't the great solution some may have wanted to hear but some days we have to deal with these unpleasantnesses, this job isn't always easy.
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    Well the problem is not me billing them for the work because it is already billed in there monthly price. What I do is add up what everything is going to cost the entire season and divide that by how ever many months they want to pay. In this situation they are paying me in 9 month equal payments. My problem is since it is divided into there monthly cost I have to return X amount of dollars since I did not trim the shrubs. I either can do this by doing something else on the property that is not in the contract or just knock off X amount the next billing cycle. I did this last season there because they planted there own annuals so I did a overseeding and areation in the fall for the same price as there annuals. This season I am just going to ask the maintenance director what he would prefer. I know there budget is tight due to cut backs so they may just want me to refund them some money.
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    Never refund money already paid.. rather take if off the remaining bills in small increments.. or offer another service of equal value so that you all win!

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