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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by minx, Nov 7, 2012.

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    One of the guys flipped a stone.with an edger. . Hit a vehicle, we are honest, guy sends in estimate, worth more than the vehicle..(4 figure sum). I can hand it over to the insurance. Didn't particularly want a claim.. But don't want gouging.. This is a grand canyon gouge...Any Suggestions.. We have pics of damage.(minuscule). On a door already dinted! Happy to have it fixed at a place of my choice ( professional)... What to do. Hate the gougers.. It would be cheaper to buy the car! Minx

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    Tell him to get three estimates and you will pay the lowest. The problem is that he is probably telling the body shop to give a high estimate. If that is the case, show the pic to a few body shops and try to get a few estimates yourself.
  3. mjlcare2

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    put the claim on your insurance.. they will send an adjuster to fix that price issue.. and by florida law.. he gets the choice of body shop.. not you!
  4. minx

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    Yes we did that..
    He was trying to claim for a previous dint not just our tiny scratch.. Luckily my guys photographed both.. Learning alot in my first year... All the hard way lol... But getting there!! Thanks!
  5. mjlcare2

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    i hear ya.. its a rough road.. but the best one to travel
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