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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Grahamslawncare, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Grahamslawncare

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    What do you do when you only lawn mower goes down? This is my first year, and I couldn't afford to get a second mower yet. I have a Paulman Pro that's used. 2yrs old, runs pretty decent. The carb just needs to be rebuilt. I don't know how to rebuild a carb, so I decided it was time to get a second mower, and in my spare time search for a place to get my mower fixed. So I'll have 2 on the truck in case of any issues.

    The problem I have right now is, what do I do? I have customers yards to cut yesterday and today, and I can't get to them yet. Do I just tell them that I'm having equiptment failure and hope they don't get mad about the wait? I got one who said I could use his mower. But I don't know if that's what I'm gonna have to do for clients who have mowers till I get back up and running.
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    Uh you fix the mower asap. I use to only have one mower and when something tore up I was down. But I rushed to the store to get the parts I needed to get me back into operation. Since it seems you have spare time why are you not trying to fix the mower? Take the carb off. Take it apart and clean everything out. Use carb cleaner and a air compressor to blow out the holes.

    I don't know if you can't afford to fix the mower or what. But if you cannot afford to have it fixed then I'm assuming you are not charging enough. A carb job is a cheap expense. You can pretty much buy carb cheaper then to take the mower to someone to look at
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  3. larryinalabama

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    Id go buy a cheap 100$ push mower just too keep from loosing customers.
  4. Grahamslawncare

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    I found out I can afford it. I went to the shop and let them know what's going on and apparently it's an easier fix then i thought. I couldn't figure out what the problem was with cleaning the carb myself, but hopefully they get it up and running fast.
  5. 205mx

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    Rental unit from a dealer
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  6. TX Easymoney

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    You'll lose more jobs than you keep if you regularly have equipment failures...and no backups....as you grow, you'll get back ups for your backups.....equipment failures are regular occurrances....take Larry's advice and get'em done fast...always call customer to tell them you are delayed!
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  7. yardsmowed

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    Rent a unit to take care of clients. Get a buddys company to cover for you until repaired. Then cover them if they need it in the future. Networking!
  8. Rob_In_MO

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    Buy a $100 mower from X-Mart or your local big-box chain hardware store just to keep things going. Use this one as a backup for your primary unit. Just make sure you run the backup pusher once in a while and don't let it sit too long unused.
  9. ffemt1271

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    if you don't have the knowledge to rebuild the carb, buy an entire new one. You could potentially loose way more money that the cost of the part.
  10. BossPlowMaster

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    When we used to run into equipment failure you learn how to fix it in a hurry and if it is for longer than a day we would throw our list on with a buddy of mine who owns another lawn care company. We dont do a whole heck of a lot of mowing these days, TRYING to get back to the bread and butter.

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