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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lux Lawn, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Lux Lawn

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    After the wet year we had and many days of mowing soft lawns this year it seams like the mowers we use (52 inch Great Dane Super Surfers) have left some ruts in some of our customers lawns.We change the direction every week like you are supposed to unless the customer wants a certain cut,but in tight areas where you only need two passes alongside a house or driveway etc.. where you use the same lines every week there seem to be some ruts forming.I see it on other property's also what does everybody else do about it I know a lot of people are against lawn rolling because it really compacts everything.
  2. HighGrass

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    Like you I try to change directions every week but there are some spots that you just can't do that like on a long narrow edge. When I have a rut that's forming. I move over about 3 -6 inches (going the same way as the rut) for however long it takes to sort of even it out. Has the customer complained? I think we (LCO's) tend to look more closely at our client's lawn closer than they do.
  3. CharlieBingo

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    Try using wider rear tires that worked for me with my old stander.
  4. Lux Lawn

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    No complaints by any of the customers but it has happened on a few lawns.

    Maybe we do look and notice some of these things that they don't notice.
  5. mbricker

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    Yes, a lot of the time we see things our customers will never notice.

    As for ruts (tracks): If you use the same mower every time you can change the pattern, but not right next to a wall, the beds, etc. Next to a drive or walk, if not higher or lower than the lawn, you can start the pass with mower overlapping pavement part of the time.

    But for the first pass next to wall or beds, how about using the wb every 3rd or 4th mowing? Different width, different tires, etc. slightly more time required to complete the job, but more satisfactory results.

    For correcting ruts you have already made, well, a roller once a season isn't going to do much harm. I sometimes do some corrective roller work first thing in the spring, when ground is somewhat softer due to the freeze/thaw cycle.
  6. Lux Lawn

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    This maybe the way I go in the spring with the roller,probably when we do our spring clean-ups.
  7. out4now

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    Roll it and if you're worried about compaction do an aeration job. At the school our Deere made ruts even rotating pattern but like you said what do you do when there are some obstacles you can't avoid? The first thing we did was turn the wheels inside out on the rear so the tires were out further. Worked fine but didn't really cure the problem. We were also looking at flotation tires but couldn't bear the expense as the schools budget would have to have paid for them rather than general fund. The large area mower for the fields made ruts too and we had to roll em and sometimes sceen drag fresh dirt in and latter aerate. That mower really needed flotation tires was too heavy for the field.

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