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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by terracare, Dec 7, 2004.

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    Irrigation is something that Ed and I will be getting in to next year, but we have a client that we did a landscape install for asking us to help her out if we can. In a recent job we did, there was a separate irrigation contractor that did an install. The lines weren't blown out and the temps got below freezing a few nights. Needless to say, the pvc from the water source in their basement to the main controller outside blew up. The ground isn't frozen yet so we think the water in the pipes should still be liquid. She needs to know what her options are at this point. We may very well get to reinstall an irrigation system here next spring, but we don't want anything else bursting if at all possible.

    The ground is going to start freezing here in about two weeks time. What are her options at this point and what can we do to fix it? Thanks guys

  2. Ground Master

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    simply repair whats broken, then blow out system
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    Use a simple slip coupler or horshoe repair to repair the break. How do you know the original installer didn't blow out the line. It probably would not have anything to do with a freeze break. Make sure drains are located on the lines at the valves if you get alot of freezing.

    Make sure the failed line is reinstalled below the frost line for your area. By the way, the location of the controller has nothing to do with the location of the main line. Rock On.
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    Just a question. Are you referring to the backflow prention device when you mention something failed coming off the main out of the basement. This would be the first item on the main line. Rock On.

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