What to expect from newspaper drop in?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by UpstateServices, Feb 10, 2019 at 11:19 PM.

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    I have not done much marketing during my first couple years of business. This year I will have a 8.5x11 full color double sided drop-in ad sent to approx 13,000 houses in my area. What kind of response can I expect from this? Ive generally heard 1-3% callbacks, is that a safe estimate?
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    I'm always wary of newspaper and blanket stuff like this. 1-3% seems a bit high considering the average response rate on EDDM is just under 1% and it has a bit more of a targeted approach.

    I'm not sure of your market or the types of homes this newspaper hits, but I would be curious to know how many of these homes are duplexes, apartments, or any other home that isn't owned or maintained by the occupant.

    Because that's a lot of wasted impressions.
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    Good point. It is targeted to a upperclass suburb with lots of developments. Anything over 1% would be a bit much for me to handle (assuming they're all just recurring mowing accounts) so I would be happy with .25%-1%
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    The good thing about having too much to handle is being able to turn down who you want without feeling like you have to say yes to every job.

    Do you know what the average age range / demographic for this suburb is? And how much did the ad cost?
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    Not exactly but I would say 35-45, and about $650. So the way I look at it, one landscape job or mowing act will pay for it.
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    At that demographic, I would have gone a digital route. Newspapers and magazines aren't really a direct ROI medium.

    You'd get a much higher response rate and a lot higher ROI. If it were an older demographic then I would justify your route.

    I'm sure you'll get a positive return, though.
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    The old advertisement methods don’t work anymore

    Do YOU read ads in the news paper?
    Do you even buy news papers?
    Yellow pages??
    No one reads hard print like they use to

    Electronic advertising of some sort, word of mouth or graphics is real time (like on your truck/trailer)

    Yea that’s the expensive stuff
    Hard copy adverts used to be expensive
    Know why they aren’t anymore?
    Because no one is buying them
    Because they no longer work

    Unless you’re selling geriatric products
    This isn’t what you want

    If it seems cheap and too good to be true
    It is

    Best way is a start up is to get out there
    Hand out business cards
    Get jobs and do them
    No you won’t babe money fast
    No there isn’t a way to do that
    No matter what the YP or paper tells you
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