what to expect to pay for my applications?


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I am bidding on a property to maintain for the summer and they are requesting a pretty comprehensive fertilization plan. I sub fertilization applications to other people because it is easier and I do not do enough of it to warrant getting licensed and all that stuff. I did a search but did not come up with many things for my area, because I know fert apps range even more than other services between states..

What they want are 6 applications put down. I am from NH and only mow from may til the first week of october. what They want is
May- fertilzer, grub control, crab grass, and broadleaf control.
June- Fertilizer, service insect control application
July- fertilizer, monitor insects.
August- Fertilizer
September- Fertilizer
October- Fertilizer monitor broadleaf and crabgrass

The property has about an acre of grass. I am not one of those guys that makes other people do his bids for him, but I do not do this at all but I am in charge of subbing it out, so I just need a rough idea of how much each application is going for in the NH area. I am assuming around 325-350 an application?

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I can not give you what the price charged for the apps, but can give you prices of product. 46-0-0 urea fertilizer 50# bag is $21.00. It takes 95# to cover an acre in spring and fall, and can cut the rate in the hot months. You weed control has a lot of variables and prices for each product used. If Tenacity, which can be used as a pre and post emergent, the cost is $55 for each acre applied.
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Wow, urea all year long? Really? That's how your going to tell the op to bid? Nice way to lose your shirt, and your reputation.

Why don't you call one of your subs and have them give you a number that they would charge you. I do it for my contractors all the time.
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