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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Aug 20, 2005.

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    Hey guys,
    I've listed some mowers below. I've been wanting to get a 36" Walk-Behind next year, but a 52" ZTR also interests me. If I got a 52", I would have to get bigger yards. Have any of you guys tried the mowers below and if so, what where the prices you came across. I could ask dealers, but you guys can give me an idea of what is acceptable an so forth. Here are the mowers. Thanks in advance.

    MODEL: 74243


    JOHN DEERE 757

  2. mcwlandscaping

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    You ever look at eXmark, check them out if you haven't!
  3. nocutting

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    :waving: payup Hi, if you are currantly usein a 21 / and 22, why not get the smallest "Z" that can do most of the lawns you already do?....since most of you guys have a 2nd man, it seems you double your out-put if you got [ 2 ] WB's, maybe with velkys or sulkeys[ a 32" for gated back yards and a 48" for open areas]......why get 1 "Z" that puts you at odds with a bigger well equiped LCO?....and now you have to look for lawns outa your reach......
  4. ToroLandscaper

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    Have you even used any other mower than exmark........i keep askin and you dont reply

    BTW In terms of ztr i have a 52" toro with a 27HP and i LOVE IT. If i were you go with toro on the ztr.....awesome cut great machine and awesome turbo force deck
  5. mcwlandscaping

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    Ya i have used others. I like the toros too. Their Zs are really nice and comfortable, haven't used one except at the dealer for 5 mins though. I just really like the eXmarks thats all. Srry, i havn't seen you ask about it anywhere else. Was just suggesting that he look at an eXmark too since hes got all them other ones on there.eXmark has great customer service and that is why i recomend them, (i have never dealt with anyone else in terms of customer service). I am just suggesting what i know is good. Why would i recommend any other brand if i havn't had any or very little experience with it. Anyway, sorry i didn't answer the other questions in other posts.No hard feelings right? I think i worded everything the way i wanted too! .
  6. Cutter LLC

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    I have demoed every mower up there except the Toro. I would say don't even consider the regular hustler full size or mini. Good choice in mowers by the way. I did try the exmark similar to the Toro but hated the feel. I guess hated is a strong word.

    The Dixie chopper was my most logical choice coming from a dixon 5023 the controls were similar as well as the looks then I demoed the others. Cut was good, ride was good, controls were touchy (Atlas for what I ended up with). Could not hold a hill, high center of gravity, filtration was a plus, as well as engine. ( I do forget what I demoed though) Tires tore turf till the end of demo which I could have overcome. Good machine worth a closer look. In fact I am looking at them again for a 34" and a 72" ZTR

    John Dere felt great and a nice low center of gravity. Cut was okay I demoed the 60" and was too big for my properties. Good looking as well as a nice ride.

    Hustler the super z was only 23hp cut was lacking but rode great and controls were on another level. Speed was obviously nice and also well built and thought out. 60" again too big

    Ended up with the super mini Z 52" 25 hp great controls, fast, nimble, and compact. Built well and really surprised me. It had the 20" rear tires I have changed them to the now stock 23" rears and upped the fronts to 15". Now this unit goes 15mph and rides like the full size(better than the brand new ones now) I checked the new ones and would switch to 24" rear and 14" fronts ASAP. The only thing that is a negative is the shallow deck could cut better in wet conditions and I would not think it would be a good mulcher. Other than that I could not be happier with my unit. Maybe if they offered the 54" super walk behind deck on my mower I could cut with the best of them.

    I understand your need for a 52" I have about 8 gates that are 54" to 58" and do not cut anything my 52 won't fit. However If my gates were smaller than my 52" I would want a 60" efi super Z and it would be worth the extra money for the extra size of deck, pumps, and wheel motors

    The regular hustlers are not worth looking at due to the only slight price difference for sooooo much more mower with the supers

    Hope I've confused you thoroughly like I was have a nice day!! :dizzy: :waving:

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