What to get for hearing protection? 3M?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jlrvt, May 8, 2014.

  1. Lovett

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    I use the 3M plugs that come in that small round white snap closure case. Twist them in and they seem to work fine. I understand maybe I am pushing wax back up in my hear so I am open to other more effective options if any? For the price of under $3 again these work well I think.
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    I use the Stanley ones from Canadian tire, mp3 and radio, built in presets, easy volume control, they are sweet, get a pair.
  3. jlrvt

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    The TuneUps were a huge success! Very comfortable and easy controls. He's used them a bit and they have stood up to some good abuse from our 4 year old. The sound quality is what blew me away, but for $100 I should expect it to be clear. The channel range is excellent and picks up better than the truck radio for one station far away.

    We haven't tried the mp3 part yet, we moved and lost the cord!
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    I also use stihl.

    Prefer their eye protection and hand pruners as well
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    I used to use the Howard Leight slim over-the-ear for mowing and shooting. Loved them until they broke. Been just using the foam disposable plugs, but I'd like to listen to music.
    I had a thought yesterday that I'm going to try. I play bass and we use dual driver, in-ear headphones with large foams for the ear canal as our in-ear monitors. They cut out a lot of noise and are made to not only let you change your sound mix, but to protect your ears and keep everything at a reasonable dB level.
    So I thought, hey why not try those mowing. I'm gonna get a pair and test them mowing. I believe the ones that we use are $100-200. I have an excuse to use these for dual purpose, if they don't work well for mowing, but I will keep you guys posted on results.
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    Howard Leight makes well crafted hearing protection. I think it is 30 dB, the highest dB protection I've found short of ear plugs at 33. I get them through Grainger.
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    I use the 3m banded earplugs. Hangs around your neck when not in use.

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