What to know about the 2007 F-350 PSD?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by westernmdlawn, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. westernmdlawn

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    I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my new 07 PSD F-350 Dumper. I should have it by wednesday. Just wanting to know if there is anything you all would recomend in the PSD maintenance department. I'm pretty familiar with vehicle mechanics, but I have never owned a diesel before and would like to get a heads up on anything that you think I should need to know. It is a six speed manual 4x4. I plan to plow snow with it this winter (Boss 9'2" V plow), haul a bobcat around with a hoe attachment, general landscaping, etc. When I test drove it I noticed 2 things that bothered me just a little. 1. It has not low end grunt, but kicks in pretty good in the upper rpms. 2. The tranny is pretty tricky to shift at first (possibly because it is new?), seems like the gears are tight to get into.

    I've heard that diesel's are hard starting in the cold. Will my truck have a oil pan heater to plug in when it gets real cold? Is it necessary, if so - at what temps? I've also heard that it is better to leave the engines running rather than off / on, off/on, off/on (like snow plowing all night). Finally, what fuel mpg can I expect? I also have an F-250 Triton V8, I can't imagine the mpg is any worse than that.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mike33

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    Brian, Brian, Brian, why dont you call me. last week i was hooking up a trailer wheen you called , try me again.
  3. cet

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    I have never seen a diesel that didn't come with a block heater. I have mine on a timer. Around freezing I set the timer for 1 hour before I leave. As the temperature gets colder I set the timer for a little longer. The longest I have it on for is 2 hours. It is not needed at freezing but if you have the money for an 2007 you can spend a few cents a day to help with the starting IMO.

    In terms of leaving it running I turn mine off if I am going to be longer then 5 minutes. When plowing it never gets turned off but the only time I am not in it would be to get coffee or shovel a walk that is only going to take a minute or 2. I don't turn it off to refuel but here it is self serve and they don't know I have it running.

    Can't help with the tranny.

    PROFESSORRAIN LawnSite Member
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    CHRIS covered it well.Very strong runs smooth
  5. westernmdlawn

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    Thanks for the comments guys, I pick it up today - can't wait. Mike - I'll give you a call if I get a chance later today. I'm going out of town tonight and won't be back till Friday. Hopefully it doesn't snow while I'm gone!
  6. jtkplc

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    That's my experience with a new 6.0 PSD that I've driven. Compared to my Cummins 600 it's not good down low, but that's partially because of the V-8 vs. I-6 from what I understand. I've always read that in a race empty the PSD would win hands down vs. the Cummins, but hook up 15K and the PSD won't have a chance.
  7. lawnspecialties

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    That's also my experience with my 6.0. But, my 7.3 was very similar. Ironically, I think putting a 4" exhaust on both trucks made the situation just a fraction worse. Maybe even a diesel benefits from back pressure sometimes.

    One thing about the 6.0. She does love the higher rpm's. We have a 30' travel trailer and when we're on the interstates, get the heck out of my way.:laugh:
  8. J&R Landscaping

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    I would be plugging the truck in when the temp dips below 40 degrees for the night. The truck is brand new and there for the glow plugs should be nice and strong! If it was used, I would plug it in at higher temps to aid in starting. JMO
  9. SimonCX

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    Not ture I have an 06' psd and didn't plug it in once last year, always started with out a problem even when the temps were in the 20's.
  10. Mike33

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    The 6.0 with manual tranny has no pull out power that is there waekness. I had an 03 that i had to put a chip in for that reason. My new 06 is a little better but still lacks.

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