what to look for and how much to pay for this tractor?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Barrett Landscaping, May 25, 2012.

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    was looking at the listing for the next city fleet auction and this tractor came up. does not list the model or hours but says that its a 1999. comes with a loader and looks like a ballast box. my questions are depending on if it is hydro or gear drive what to pay for it? looks if i had to guess a 40hp or so diesel engine. anything i should look for as well? thanks in advance!

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    Those are usualy hydro's with range selections A for heavy work, B for mid level tasks like mowing or bush hogging, and C for traveling or light tasks

    Gear drive was also an option. Live PTO was standard. Fair price, Top of the scale pristine condition maybe 10k in this condition 5-8k
  3. nnusskern

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    The hydraulic hoses make sure their in decent condition and not dry rotting as they very expensive to replace. But overall looks good.
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    I saw that on one of those auction sites...
    Thats a JD 4600
    Pretty sure its a Hydro...If not thats fine but the hydro is faster. Because you just push the pedal either forward or backwards...
    I just picked up a JD 2320 from a local dealer for just over 12k with 30 HRs on it. Year 2012. Sooooo....... I say 4k would be my highest bid....

    Go to the inspection day..
    Check for leaks.
    See if they will start it up.
    Hydros run smoothly.

    **I love my 2320 to death! Very fast and smooth. Only problem is mine can only handle a 4' Hog... this one could do a 6' hog...

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