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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by carcrz, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. carcrz

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    I'm pretty happy with the way the flag turned out (need to get pics up now). I installed a dimmer switch on the recessed porch lights & garage lights so they aren't near as bright & I don't feel like I'm lining up the Dodge on the landing strip anymore.

    Now I'm wanting to add some light under the flag as well as wrapping around the side of the house. I'm pretty happy w/ Kichler products so far, but there are so many models & they all look the same to me. What should I be looking for & what would you use?
  2. Chris J

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    I'm going to assume that you are talking about illuminating the walkway and or the ground cover area surrounding your flag pole and planting beds. If this is the case, good luck my friend because there are more choices here than there are blades of grass in your yard! I deal with Kichler products mainly, so I would suggest that you consider either an economy light such as the 15310AZT, or go with one of the many decorative products available. The question you need to be asking is how long do you wish this product to last? The above mentioned path/spread light is very durable but it is marine grade aluminum with a powder coat finish. There are other styles available, in different finishes of course, but you will have to research this on your own because the possibilities are endless. Another very popular path/spread light is the 15443OB. It is brass, and is very popular because of its pierced shade which allows for a more unique pattern of light across the surface area.
    Again, good luck on your quest. There are many, many choices here. You just have to do your work and seek out the one you like most. I suggest you find something in brass, copper or bronze for longevity. If possible, find a fixture that will accept a T-3 or T-4 bi pin. Neither of the above mentioned fixtures have these, but the S8 sockets in the 15443 have been giving me problems. I would like to add that this problem seems to be isolated to my area for some reason because I'm being told that no one else is experiencing this issue. Could be the close proximity to the ocean and saltly air and/or the humidity. Who knows, but these sockets are are problem for me. I like the T3 and T4's better.
  3. carcrz

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    Thanks Chris! I knew there were tons of options, just when I started to look at them, they were all beginning to look the same & still have a large difference on the price tag. I was already planning on using Kichler so I'll check out your suggestions.
  4. ar-t

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    The first thing that you ought to do is decided how much.......or where.......light is needed, and how far apart the fixtures are going to be.

    By "path lighting", I assume that you mean spots on light, that place "spots" of light downward on the path. Unlike "spread lighting", which would mean spreading the light out further along the path.

    For path, I usually use a mushroom fixture, although my supplier hates them. China hats work better for spread lighting.

    (Translation: Do you want 4' spots of light, or light that goes out to 10' or so?)

    I am not a fan of Focus, but I usually use their products for these applications. They do supply photometric data for their fixtures. It would be useless to try to design a lighting scheme without that data.

    Hadco also makes some fixtures that work well for those applications, and they do give the photometrics as well.
  5. carcrz

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    4 foot since there is a fence along that side of the house. Thanks for the guidance. I appreciate it!
  6. ar-t

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    A China hat will leave a very noticeable shadow line on the fence. So, unless you have plant material to break it up, you may be best served by a mushroom.

    Focus does make some China hats that could work. They are very short, and have sharp angles in the "hat", and so throw more light downward than outward. AL-01 would be the p/n, as opposed to the AL-04, which is the full size version. Won't throw light as far as a 'shroom. But, they are awful short, and may get swamped by nearby plant material.

    I know some guys like to use "tulips" for stuff like this. I am not fond of them, as the reflective surface is not that good. They give nasty light rings on the ground. Maybe won't show up in a "naturalised" pathway, but look terrible on sidewalks.

    Sorry, but I have not used any Kichler, so I can not give any suggestions on what they might have that would work. Looking at the catalogue that I have....probably a few years old now.............

    15323 might work, but looks like it has too much light: 24 W bulb. Actually, now that I look closely, I see most of their pathlights use that bulb.

    Oh well. Focus may not be the same quality, but they have the advantage of using taillight bulbs. Easy for the customers to find replacements, so I tend to use them for these jobs!
  7. Bill S

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    why not use footliters by Nightscaping with shields on the back half so to not illuminate the fence? Again you will use the 1140 bulb, easy to replace, looks good, many different textures and colors...
  8. carcrz

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    I saw those on NS' site, nobody sells nightscaping here. Is there an online spot for them? I'd buy direct if their site had it available online. I have heard a little bit about them on here, but that's it so far.
  9. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Nightscaping does not sell direct to the retail marketplace (thank goodness!) but you can find an number of online stores that will sell their line. Just google the name Nightscaping.

    Many of their Path and Spread lights are very good fixtures. I would highly recommend their Copper line. The Deliter, Scout, Scott, Illuminator and Footliter are great fixtures for path lighting. Very flexible lamp choices and backed by a great warranty program. Also, unline any other manufacturer out there, they will actually customize any fixture to your specifications and get it to you in a very timely manner. Colour, Sockets, Lamps, Mounts, Shields, Lenses... anything seems to be a possibility.

    Sounds like a bit of an advertisement I know, but I have been using many of their products for years with great sucess. Get to know Nightscaping a bit more and you won't regret it. They have a lot to offer.

    Have a great day.
  10. ChampionLS

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    The Evening Star recessed path light - 4 watts / 15,000 hours. For brick, concrete pavers, natural stone and wood or composite decking. :usflag:



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