What to look for in a plate compactor?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by kyfireman2004, Dec 7, 2008.

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    If you plan on doing a lot of hardscaping, I'd go with a reversible plate with at least 5-6k cf. Reversible plates can get into tighter spaces and are the bees knees in footer trenches. A must have IMO
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    We have 4 - Wacker 3050 reversible plate compactors. They provide 7,000 cf which is what you need according to ICPI. Let me tell you, we used to use 1550's (only 3k cf), what junk. They don't even come close to compacting to the proper density. Up here in clay contry, we use no less than 14" of 2A modified all the time, compacted in 3"-4" lifts. You will sleep good at night knowing you used a 3050 to compact. We also offer 7 year warranties too, so I have to make sure my guys are doing it right. IMO
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    if you want more help with this subject, then you need to provide more info on what you need a compactor for. do you build retaining walls, paver installation, drainage and sewer? tell us what you need to know and what your budget is. some of these packers can get dangerously expensive. we have a bomag bosch diesel plate packer that cost around $16,000 new.

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