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What to look for in a truck


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Rapid City, SD
So just like every 5th thread out there I too am starting my own business this year. I have been in and out of lawn mowing for 8 years. I had my own small 8-10 yard business two years ago. I have re-located and am going to start another business. I work full time as a firefighter so I'm only thinking 10-20 yards. Right now I'm looking for a truck. What is the most valueable addition to a truck. There is a truck I'm looking at 3/4 ton with a dump bed, but it is a regular cab. All the trucks I've had in the past have been extended cab. So I tend to lean towards them just for the space. This will be my main source of transportation. I also have an 8 month old daughter that I will need to pick up from Daycare when the mowning day is done. Where we live the city provides locations in town with roll-off dumpsters for yard waste. I have one about two blocks from my house. The crew I worked with last year just used 3 tarps would load the grass onto them and then throw them over the side of the dumpsters. To go to the dump would probably add 20-30 min to my day just to go dump. However I will be a one man opperation. What do you guys think. I'm thinking I should find an extended cab and just muscle the grass around. Thanks in advance


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Burnsville, MN
If you're using your work truck as a daily driver, a dump bed is probably pretty impractical. I'd recommend a 3/4 ton especially since you're in the midwest and you can throw a plow on it if you decide to. If you're a one man operation, you probably won't be hauling more than two mowers and the extra pulling power of a diesel is unneccesary. An extended cab is always handy and an 8 foot bed should be plenty to haul grass clippings and leaves when the time comes. If you build some removable sides for the bed and line it with a tarp, one guy should be able to roll the leaves off the back at the dump (bring the blower and a pitch fork).

A lot of the one man ops around here use a zero turn since they have to do everything else during the day, so you will also need a 21 inch mower for the smaller spots. Make sure you're buying the equipment big enough for what you'll need later on and not what you need now. Don't buy the 8 foot trailer that fits your wal-mart rider; buy the 12 footer than will fit your ztr and the 21" etc. Keep your whole set up clean and professional looking too. My two cents for ya.

Good luck with your new venture. Oh and by the way, Rapid City is a beautiful area. - Sam