what to look for in a used walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shoreline, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Shoreline

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    I am thinking of getting a walker or similar machine within the next year or so. What are the most common items that wear out on these machines? Blower? What would be some warning signs to watch for?
  2. MLI

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    Check the blower housing and fan blade, costs about $600 to replace. Flip the deck and check underneath for bent pieces on the deck(signs that animals were using it). Check gear boxes for leaks. These machines are pretty much care free as long as you maintain them up to about 800 hrs. Then it seems like stuff starts to go wrong with them(electrical stuff etc) Ive had them last 2300 hrs before....then sold for $4000. If its owner operator....they will last a long time. If your workers are beating it, it will be a nightmare!
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    I don't know about the "similar machines" that you say you might buy but buying anything used is always a crapshoot.
    You have to look at hours and who used it as the above poster said. The other thing you want to do is buy a commercial Walker if you are a commercial mower. The MT is the commercial unit. Usually the base model is a 20hp Kohler and the motors get bigger from there with the diesel being more pricey but also longer lasting.
    Everything on a Walker is replaceable if you are handy. I have had my 2000 MTGHS 26 EFI for a nice 2000+ hours. I have a new starter and new hydro pump as major repairs in almost 12 years. I could use the blower but it isn't critical now.
    I would shy away from any commercial guy that wasn't an owner/operator on ANY equipment I would consider used. No ownership usually shows lack of maintenance and care for the equipment. There are exceptions to that but you probably won't find that guy easily.
    I personally would stay far from anything with a Kohler 25 from the later 90's. Absolutely junk.
    Look at the frame, ask for service records, look for oil leaks. All the basic stuff you would do for any machine you buy.
    There are many variables to buying used and its up to you to know what you are doing. Its being sold for some reason.
    I will always own a Walker and I still really enjoy my good old 2000.

    Good Luck
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    Hey shoreline, I not sure if you have your eye on any used walkers yet but I have an 2008 walker 26hp efi w/ 48" ghs that i was planning to update for next year. Maybe you should check it out.:)

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