What to look for in a used ZTR

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by notforprofit, Jun 19, 2004.

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    This is from a couple of posts I made earlier in the commercial forum. Thought maybe I'd have more luck here. Thanks to all that contribute.

    1) I'm in the market for a commercial-grade mower for residential use (about 3-4 acres per week). I came across a Toro Z-Master : 21 HP Kohler With 52" deck and two extra sets of blades. The hour meter showed 294 hours. The salesman said he thought it was from '99 or 2000. A local farmer had it to cut his grass, but traded it on a larger tractor with belly mower and plow. Any idea what this is worth or where to find a value for it? They're asking $3999. Thanks for your help.

    How should I go about inspecting this unit ? Is there anything I should look for in particular? Anything to especially watch out for on these z's? They have this unit sitting outside in the weather for about two weeks now. Does this hurt anything? I noticed some rust around the wheel motors where some now dry grass was clumed around. Will this adversely affect anything?
    The dealer is asking $3999? Is this good, bad or what? How do you establish what a used mower is worth?
    Thanks for the help and please take a moment to respond if you have any thoughts on this subject.

    2) Hello all,

    I posted a question earlier today about the value of a Toro ztr. Since doing so, I realized that an equally important question would be to ask WHAT to look for in a used ztr mower! In addition I thought some of you could suggest what to look out for (perhaps common problem areas or signs of abuse/wear?) Anything in particular I should check? Thanks for the input.

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