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Discussion in 'Employment' started by daleyslawn, Feb 24, 2009.

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    "-Speakly with absolute conviction, if your sales guy also has to manage his jobsites you will NEVER obtain their full sales potential."

    I agree with most of your post -especially this sentence. Thoroughbreds are meant to run, not walk. Your sales guy should be out opening new doors, not managing. If production needs it, do as we do and create a project manager position for this. Our PM meets with sales staff, and then oversees multiple jobs simultaneously, and communicates with foreman constantly. The sales guy should check his job occasionally, and at the end. Unless it's residential landscape which requires alot of hand-holding.
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    Yeah, if your doing a residential landscape with lots of small items then it makes perfect sense for the sales guy to spend some extra time. for most jobs the sales guy should meet the crew over there at the start and mark out the job and to go through the design. Then he shoud check in every day or to to catch and problems, then he should do a final walk through with the homeowner, at which time he collects the final payment.

    I'll put it this way: When I was used in as a production manager and sales person I sold about $350k per year, the following year in strcitly sales I sold just shy of $500k. It's two differernt hats for someone to wear and a sales person has not had the years of experience that an owner does at wearing those hats. (Although you may find one in 2009 :confused:)
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    This is some fantastic information. Keep it comin. My company is pretty much a lighting only company, but we also can do landscape, and we are about to get into water features. Im wanting to hire a pure sales guy for lighting cuz i really just suck at selling. Im great at the customer relation, and quality of the job install. So yeh. Keep it all comin.
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    Our Company does hoas( homeowners Association), to get this account is not so fast because the lowest contract could be $ 30.000 a year.We try one sales person last year by commission base(10% of monthly income contract) + gas, we dont know if was right numbers, after 2 months visiting Property Managment Companies, with no results we let go. How this works in commercial and residential when takes longer to close the deal?

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