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I have always done my paper work myself, starting to expand and needing someone to do it. A friend of a friend recently quit her job working as an office secretary in auto industry. She is willing to do it. (60 and growing lawn customers, scheduled and random maintenance customers, not talking a huge operation two crews one maintenance one mowing) Anyhow she would do the invoicing according to job sheets and monthly mowing. Keep track of who has paid and who hasn't. PO box checking. Bank Deposits. Phone calls and Emails of estimates and customer questions complaints. Keep track of expenses. Report Payroll to payroll company. No tax work no "real" accounting. Im thinking 1-3 days per week couple hours per day. Right now she is checking p.o box and depositing checks approximately 4 hrs per week and was wondering if I would be willing to pay $100 per week. That is out of the question for me $25 per hour to basically do errands is not affordable. Just curious if anyone out there has a bookkeeper and how much do you pay them. I can do all the work myself but it typically turns into a 1030pm till 2/3 am kinda gig and I'm sick of loosing track of things bc I'm to busy in the field. I think somewhere between $15-20 per hour is more than fair.


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I would not let her check the PO box and deposit checks for a hundred dollars. Is she checking it daily or weekly? Don't let her check it daily that is a waste of gas for her, you should only need to check it weekly. You could find someone in Craigslist for less than that. I would pay $15 tops, unless she is doing all the office work for you and she is doing it faster than you could.


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How much revenue does your free time allow you to increase your
profit potential? With her handling the administrative office, are you
confident that you can explore those other areas of endeavor to enhance
your bottom line? A good secretary must be looked at as an asset, not
just an employee.