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Discussion in 'Employment' started by millenium_123, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Its true the paper work is a nightmare and you have to have competent people in order to do this but it is legal. Get a good LLC formation book. It is by far the best company formation. There is nothing wrong with making people responsible for themselves and it gives them a valuable tool to use in the future and can push self motivators in right direction we know public schools dont do it.
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    I pay by the hour, I work with my worker or workers. I think to many people look at them as an exspense. To me they are an investment. Production increases. If you take what you gross in a day solo then take what you can gross in a day with a helper, minus the wages, comp ect. and any extra overhead exspenses you should be ahead. If you're not then somethings not right. You can get so much more done in a day and not be as tired. The key is having the volume of work to support it. Start with a part timer or maybe a college student for the summer. Rather than someone fulltime, who needs the check to support a family or something.

    I think I read you have been in business for several years so you probably have a handle on your pricing, If you can't keep up with all the work that is when you know you need a helper. What to pay? AS much as you can justify or afford. Alot of guys complain they can't find good help. You get what you pay for. Also treat them as you would want to be treated. I like to refer to my helper as my co worker if I introduce myself to a customer. I also share all the good jobs and the bad jobs. I try to be fair.He's about to start his third season with me.

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    Check this out -especially the last half. http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=99921,00.html . You can easily run into problems if you classify your help as an IC when they are really an employee. I would suggest setting up an account with a temp agency to take care of the help. Your help can hire through them to work for you. The agency will be responsible for withholding taxes and SS as well as providing the w/comp insurance. The help will get a weekly check and you avoid a lot of paperwork, advances and headaches. Of course you will pay a higher hourly rate than paying as an IC but the last thing you need is an audit or lawsuit.

    "Take the high road...You'll spend more time moving forward and less time looking over your shoulder"!

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    i checked into using workers from a temp service and they all told me that the workers are not allowed to run any power equipment.
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    "it gives them a valuable tool to use in the future and can push self motivators in right direction we know public schools dont do it."

    I'd be willing to bet that a good many of the members of lawnsite, the self-motivators that they are, didn't go to private schools.
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    I don't how many agencies you checked. Youngstown area ought to have lots of temp agencies. It is not a general rule of all agencies. Apparently, the ones you called just don't want to pay for insurance that would cover using equipment. That could be true of workers comp, too, because there are different classifications for different jobs.
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    I'm a small operation, but I have friend who helps me. I pay him by how much gets done, but in the end it averages about 10-15 dollars an hour. This summer when I expect to go full time, I will probably start paying him by the hour.

    George Mason I go to a private school and am graduating this year with honors!!!
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    Yes I do suggest by the hour!,,,

    I watched a episode of this old house and they were doing some landscaping in your area they said it is hard to get labor is it still that bad their?
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    It's not too bad here as far the economy goes. I believe our unemployment is 3%. I did just have someone call me out the blue and ask for a job, and then some guy at the gas station asked for a job.

    My friend is pretty good, so for right now I'll keep him and hopefully get enough work to use hiim full time.

    So to answer your question I don't think it's hard to get workers.
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    I am getting my first helper on this season and we are going to talk money this week. I know the guy, a great worker. I am planning to hear what he wants and then offer $14 or $15, I suspect by his tone in our prior conversations he'll ask for a little less but I'd rather keep him happy and pay the guy some money too because he isn't going to come out and get with it for $8, the man has two kids and works with a painting crew too. It will just be part time, and I know he'll get the job done so my plan is to use good $ as incentive.

    Awesome job graduating with honors. I work in public education and just took a little exception with what the guy said. I try to avoid comments like that, but I work too hard to be blamed for societies ills. I blame parents more than I blame the schools, if the world only knew what excuses these people have/make for their kids we'd see things a little differently, and what can I do about it, I have to have them passing these mandated tests regardless but I can't sit them down and tell them like it is.:mad:
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