What to pay??

Discussion in 'Employment' started by millenium_123, Jan 27, 2009.

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    ^ you sir sound like a smart man and a good boss
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    then shop around to different temp agencies. we have some that only offer office help and others that have manual labor (i.e. forklift drivers, welders, etc.)
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    The problem u always get into when u have a crew member, foreman or laborer, is when they know the price...Before you know it they think they can do it cheaper and u just created another competitor for yourself that will undercut you. After all, he will probably end up being like a couple of the guys on here that don't pay taxes, don't pay fair wages, etc.

    My general philosophy, crew guys DO NOT ever know pricing. That is reserved for office/estimators/you. You get into commisions with crews, to be fair, u need to tell them your pricing. You are better sticking with a bonus system, production bonus etc. Just my humble opinion
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    Good post straightline. I was wondering what your average foreman makes. Also what do your foremen do during the winter for four days a week? Alot of guys in our area send there guys to unemployment. During the off season.
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    Wow, this thread went pretty far away from the actual question posed. If I have a laborer working for me I usually pay them more than normal laborers. As a rule of thumb, I pay in the ballpark of $15 for foremen, $10 p/hour for laborers. When it's a laborer working with me, pay is usually $12.50 an your ($100 a day), and I make sure that they are somebody I like working with! I agree with one of the prior posters that there shouldn't be a need to pay per/job if they are working with you directly.
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    Our foremand plow snow in the winter. They are also responsible for there equipment. Our foreman strip down all their equipment. Check every pully, belt, weld, bearing, tire, etc. Replace any worn parts so that we limit our down time during the season. And we repaint all the machines. My 5 year old mowers look better than most guys mowers after 6 months of use. We go through every trailer and do the same, repaint the insides, fix hooks, shelves, flooring, change bearings, replace tires. Make any improvements that we think will help during the summer for efficiency.
    Our dump bodies are sanded down and repainted. The short of it is they have about 25 pages of things that must get done and ready for the season. It keeps 6 guys busy during the winter.

    Just a side note, this is one of the things that makes us professionals vs. the week end warriors!

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