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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by gobblet, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I use a friends garage in the back field at his house for my landscaping business 30x50,free rent just cut his grass. My problem is that the creek next to this field where my garage is at over flowed this summer and made the field a complete mess. We had creek mud about 1 foot deep over the whole field (about 30yds. x 60yds.) After if dried out I placed about 16 yds of mulch over my driving path,so it would not be all mud. It seems that the ground just will not dry out it has been wet since mid summer. I have to back up trailer in 4 wheel drive to get through the mulch that is about one foot deep with ruts. He does not want to gravel the road due to kids playing all kinds of sports up there. Any suggestions of what to do or to place down.
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    Go to Jim Motz' site www.flexamat.com
    He's based here in Cincinnati.
    You would probably have to add a lot of heavy 'slag' and pack it underneath a mat like what Jim offers, but that would be an ideal solution.
    Drainage back into the creek is a must, of course.

    (Jim Motz is the brother of Joe Motz, founder of the internationally renowned 'Motz Group'. Unquestionably the world's leader in sports turf installation.)

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