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what to say to customers at the beginning of the season.


LawnSite Bronze Member
For those of you who have mostly residentials and don't do contracts what do you say in your letter or over the phone. I'm putting together my spring letter and trying to figure out a way to say that if they wish to cancel let me know before April. But part of me would rather talk to them in person. Should I do both? Last year I did both, but lmost half of my customers were snow removal customers this year so I know those ones are continuing w/ me. Or is it presumptuous in my letter not to say anything about canceling and that I just look forward to seeing them soon?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Northern KY
I am going to send out a spring letter to all my residentials this year, some years, I do not and just call each one. I kinda have to this year as I had to change my contact phone number. Do not mention anything about canceling!!! Just state that it is almost time to mow again and you will out as soon as it starts growing. This is also the time to let them know if you are raising their rates, I am raising about 50% of my customers this year. You could also mention any new services you are offering too. And I always put in the letter somewhere that they can contact me anytime if there is anything they do not like about my services and anything they would like me to change, like the particular day I service them or the trimming I do, etc. sometimes people are scared to tell you to your face about something you are doing that they do not like, so this makes it easier for them. You could also add a personal type message in the letter just to let them know you think of them as a person over just another client. I will usually try to add a message unique to that customer, like something they have talked to me about, or a joke or anything like that. Good luck!


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Chesapeake VA
Don't put anything in your customers mind that you don't want there.