what to spend $5000.000 on? Question inside also

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jdmartell, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    1st thing is talk your insurance agent,you being 17 and that. Plus your over the boarder so it might be different up there for incorporating.
  2. krzys555

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    5,000 will get you most of what you want to do.
    first thing buy a professional backpack blower and weedwacker, possibly a edger. second buy a couple of rakes, shovels, traps, wheelbarrows ect you don't need the best hand tools but a good pair is recommended. 2,000 should get you a used 48 hydro mower and a push mower. spend the rest on advertising in one shape or another. this will allow you to do basic install jobs, mulch as well as maintenance. don't spend half your money on a trailer that won't do the job. your Dakota is fine, it might take a little longer but it will do the job. towing the trailer with the dakota? possibly if you have the 5.2 v8 engine, up to 1 ton on the trailer with electric brakes.
  3. jdmartell

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    Basic things that I am planning on buying is a new Bp blower and chainsaw. Might get decals for the truck also am getting a new logo made up as we speak.
  4. Durabird02

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    I would get a few things, but keep the majority of it as reserve in case something breaks down during the season. If you are looking to expand, that means you will have more people relying on you and you will not have time for your equipment to be down. Therefore it's going to cost you to get it back up and running. Having money in the savings is not a bad thing.
  5. Grzube

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    If you are going to do more landscape maintenance and some light landscaping, having a dump trailer is a must. A 6x10 3 ton dumper would be ok behing your Dakoda. You can load it up with mulch, top dressing, river rock, 0 3/4 etc...Carry all your tools in the pick-up and away you go! Another thing, slap on a leaf loader for all those leaf jobs( after you start to make some money) and it will pay itself off in the first year!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!:canadaflag:
  6. Set Apart Lawn Care

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    I would focus on maintenance starting out. Profit margins are less typically than landscaping, atleast for me, but maintenance is my week in and week out cash flow that is always there. With landscaping, when your done with the job your basically unemployed until the next one comes in.

    Many people have said put some back for cash flow and maintenance. I agree totally with this. Your will save yourself a lot of stress having a cushion.

    Get clients that you can service with equipment you have. This is much better than buying equipment for work you dont have.

    I agree a good back pack blower is a must.

    I wouldnt buy the dump trailer, it seems like its to much of your available cash. Youd be better off spending that money on advertising and you'll be able to afford a better trailer and other things off the work you get.

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