What to spray for weeds in bed, next to turfgrass?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassyfras, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I have a property with a bunch of trees and mulch beds with chickweed and henbit in them. These weeds are right up to the grass and am wondering if I am better off spraying them with a three-way instead or gly in order to not risk damage to the lawn. The label says it is not for ornamental beds, so my question is what is the real world solution to this?
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    Gly is still your friend, just be careful.
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    Sureguard with the correct surfactant will kill broadleaves and not cause systemic damage to lawn or trees. Glyphosate in ornamental areas is not my favorite unless it is dispensed through a brush top bottle.

    I would never use any broadleaf herbicide in such an area. Last year or the year before, a homeowner posted here saying his "landscaper" sprayed Three-Way in the beds and fried most of his perennials and trees. Keep in mind that dicamba and 2,4-D are normally used to kill trees.
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    My opinion, you are fine with most weed control products such as Three-way. No more risk than when you spray around trees in the lawn.

    However its not on the label.
    And chickweed and henbit do not always die right away with Three way at this time of year. A non-dicamba jherbicide would be a bit safer. Perhaps you could spray with Three-way within 12 inch band near the grass; then finish the job with gly when you are closer to the trees and bushes. Carry a small plastic snow shovel in your left hand. Use it to act as a shield to protect the bushes when you must spray close to bushes--or the grass.

    Use a hand held sprayer to give yourself a free hand.
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    They do make a funnel end for a sprayer that prevents drift.
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