What to use on a steep slope for erosion??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by olderthandirt, Apr 14, 2006.

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    I'm looking for a solution to seeding or covering a slope with a 2-1 degree rise or approx 45 degrees. The slope is about 35 ft tall and 400 ft long and the bottom is even with a parking lot. An excavator sat at the bottom and raked the slope clean, now its to steep to run a dozer up and down let alone try to side hill hill it. Have 2 Ideas in mind but could use some thoughts or input on this.
    #1 - hydro seed it and run silt fencing the every 10' for the length of it. So I would have 1 silt fence at the bottom and 1 every ten ft going length wise up the slope.
    I think this would be the cheapest and easiest method.
    #2 Use curlex blanket and pin the whole slope. Expensive but would have less chance of the whole hydro process slipping in a down pour. Thats my biggest fear of hydo seeding is the loose dirt gets saturated in a down pour and washes the dirt and seed tack etc. from under the hydro seed. Can only tack the top.

    This area will never be mowed it only need to be stabilized and hidden from view. Its a commercial prodject so cost counts
    The bottom will be planted with arbs and austrian pines but they will take a few yrs to reach a height being able to conceal the slope.

    Suggestions, opinions, thoughts, help?
  2. Mike33

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    Hydo-seed. They have something like a bonded matrix that sprays on and turns in to curlex. I never used it in my hydro seeder yet but i was acquiring about it today. It is expensive but so is curlex and the labor trying to install. Check out profile products for hydro seeding and get some more information. Maybe some one eelse will reply here that has experience with hydro seeding this product. Since i bought my hydro-seeder last year there is a whole new world out there when it comes to seeding.

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    hydroseed with tackifier, netted mulch mat, pin every couple of feet, heavy downpour will still cause washouts. use a annual rye or a quickcover,(annual rye and perenial plus another which escapes me at the moment)to get grass up fast and stop washouts. one percent to four
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    I would definately go with your #2 solution.Will be worth it in the long run.Ya can't cut corners because of cost concerns on a steep hill..the customer ends up paying even more if the 1st solution does not work.
    .Tis always better to be safe and pay more..
    than loose it all in a downpour..
    that's what I tell um.
    That is a Sheshovel trueism..you have my permission to quote it if needed.
  5. 6'7 330

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    Hydroseed-use paper mulch, poly tack and locking fibers and quick cover seed
  6. gammon landscaping

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    i had a job just like that last year. i used the rolled straw. we rented 40 foot extension ladders to get up and down, and that is how brocasted the seed from the ladders. it cost plent for the straw blankets. but what got me was how much labor is involved in using the blankets. i think that with guys it averaged out an hour a roll for seeding, fertalizing, rolling, and stakeing.
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    Thanks for the time estimate
  8. MarcusLndscp

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    Rider hit the nail on the head. The netting is expensive and is a pain to put down on a slope like that but it works. Make sure you overlap the netting like you would shingles so the water runs over the netting instead of working it's way under. I have lots of experience unfortunately in this process. For really steep slopes we would usually double the tackifier. Good luck to you!!!
  9. Precision

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    would geo-grid work.

    No experience just wondering.

    You know the stuff they use for load spreading, sort of looks like giant rubber bar matting.
  10. AintNoFun

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    we have sprayed a few jobs with BFM's and have had pretty good success.. like others have said, recps are just to labor consuming.... instead of the silt fence maybe get the straw/coir wattles. they'll break down so you won't have to worry about going back and removing the fence...

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