What to use on chinch bug?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by First Call, Jul 2, 2002.

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    The Chinch bug spraying is big business here. They get like ants nests in places. I used to use Dursban, now thats gone. Diazinon ( no spell check ) and Seven XLR Pluss are not vworking very good. Call backs are killing me. I'm in Canada so some stuff you have in the States I can't get. Do you have any hints or suggestions. Tricks in applying,? anything :(
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    Talstar is fast replacing Dursban for all surface feeding insects here in the States. I think this link will list the more common formulations.


    If not, this one is the most popular sprayable form for commercial LCO's.


    Rates will depend on pressure.
    When extreme populations of Chinch Bugs exist, I recommend a fairly high volume of delivery. Volumes as high as 100+ gallons per acre are sometimes justified if heavy thatch is present. A sticker isn't a bad idea either.
    Remember that Dursban had the ability to be delivered at very low volumes because of it's unique ability to "gas out" & "find" insect pests in the thatch. Other insecticides need fairly copious amounts of water to bring the chemical into the Chinch Bugs furthest reaches.

    Good luck.


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