What to use on fall appl. for Nut Grass and Crabgrass in Bermuda Lawns

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Hermanator, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Hermanator

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    I was wondering what would work best to get rid of crabgrass and nut grass during the months of Sept. and Oct. We are working with Bermuda Lawns. I understand that the bermuda will be going dormant probably late Nov. and that maybe the best time to really have an effect on it, as the weeds grow here all winter long and can be treated with harsher chemicals without worry of harming the lawn. What can we do in the interim.....We are gearing up for spraying next year, but have a lot of people calling now and want to help them out and do a good job as well. I appreciate any and all comments!
  2. cemars

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    I think you would get more responses if you changed the "location" part of your profile to reflect where it is you live and work.
  3. hmartin

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    halosulfuron is probably the most popular for nutsedge. Works good but expensive.
  4. quiet

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    Try Image for both.
  5. ThreeWide

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    One container with a mix of Certainty and MSMA will control your crabgrass, nutsedge, and dalligrass. You could also put some Drive in that mix as well.
  6. quiet

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    It would've helped if the Hermanator told us where he is! In a dry area or in the upper regions of the South, an MSMA app may not recover this fall! Drive will also temporarily discolor the turf, and doesn't handle middle aged crabgrass well. Certainty isn't here yet. I hate using MSMA, and save it for the dallisgrass. And that mix sounds awfully pricey, doesn't it?

    How come no one else seems to like Image? Slow, yes, but minimal turf damage, kills crab, a lotta broadleafs and does a decent job on nutsedge. Good all purpose stuff on southern turf!
  7. hmartin

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    I have heard Image will take a month before good results can be seen. I used it once and it seemed really slow. I know fast is not always good, but I get complaints if nothing is visibly happening within 2 weeks.

    How long is it taking you to get results.

    I called one of the largest suppliers in my area about Certainty. They said that they had never sold it. I guess that it is not popular here. I checked out the label and read some info on it from Florida State. Florida State rated sedgehammer as good and certainty as excellent on all types of sedge. From what I gather, it is even more expensive than sedgehammer and more effective.
  8. Fvstringpicker

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    Lesco usually carries Sedgehammer and Certainty. They have another product that comes in packets that's similar to sedgehammer but I can't remember its name.
  9. quiet

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    I see results in about 2 weeks on crabgrass. Nutsedge is "wounded" enough after mowing it where I won't see it back for a few months . . .

    I'd sure like to try Certainty, though. Some properties just seem to have an affinity for nutsedge. Knock it down for a while . . . then it's back. I've haven't gotten any better results from Manage, and since it's a "one-trick pony", I just use Image, and kill the odd crabgrass plant or broadlef while I'm there.

    I prefer the speed, and quick visible results from Drive for crabgrass, but it does discolor tif 419 for a while. Image is handy for spot spraying multiple sites, and nutsedge and crabgrass are by far my most prevalent pests.
  10. ThreeWide

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    Actually it is not more expensive than sedgehammer. While the initial purchase of the Certainty is high, when you break the cost down to a per application basis, it is cheaper than sedgehammer. That little bottle of Certainty goes a long way. But remember that Certainty cannot be used on cool season turf, while sedgehammer can.

    And there is another bonus for Certainty....you can also use it to control cool season grasses in your Bermuda. If you've ever bought Revolver before, Certainty might just replace it.

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