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What to use to keep Balsam Apple from coming back?

General Landscaping

LawnSite Senior Member
My Oleanders are being overtaken by Balsam Apple!
I need some chemical help to get ahead of this stuff.

It got away from me and now it seems there is no stopping it; I pull them out and they re-group in no time.

Is there a pre-emergent solution that won't affect my hedge and landscape?


LawnSite Senior Member
Family Cucurbitacea
Latin name: Momordica charantia L.
Vine, climbs by tendrils. Leaves are alternate, soft and lightly hairy. Leaves are deeply lobed with five lobes. (Length about 3 cm) Yellow flowers arise from leaf axils as do tendrils. Flower has five petals, bright orange small cluters of pistils and stamen at center. (Diameter about 1.5 cm) Pods are oval tapering to a point with rows of little spikes, green turning orange as they mature. Exploded pods show bright orange peels and four red seeds. Inside is sticky. Pod length (about 2.5 cm) Stem is hairy, very hairy at terminal end. About the only thing I could suggest is a full basal treatment covering at least 12 inches of the stem with a mixture of undiluted herbicide and diesel oil. Try to isolate the main stem and use a wick applicator or envelope sealer to apply the chemicals. Check with your local Ag Commissioner or Cooperative Extention for other options. Since it's in the Cucurbitacea family I assume that the stems are too small for frill girdling. Also a pre-m like trifluralin may help keep the seeds from germinating.