What to use to spray for termites

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by curry, Jun 21, 2003.

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    I am building my house and want to spray the walls for termites. What is the best stuff to buy from Lowes or Home Depot for termites. I have a backpack sprayer so it wont be a big choir for me. The house is dried in and the insulation will be blown into the walls in 4 days and thought this would be a good time to spray all the 2X4s before sheetrock goes up. What is yalls suggestions for a pesticide. I dont have a license so cant buy commercial stuff.
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    one of the best things to spray for termites is premise it is made by bayer depending on the state regulatios you should be able to buy this without a license. try lesco or anyother pest control suppliers that you may have in your area

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    You can not buy any professional termitecide with out a structural license. Your ground applicator will not cover pco. Call a pro that lesco does business with.

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    Spraying the 2x4's is a really bad idea as it puts the chemical that belongs in the ground into your walls where it can expose you and your family to toxic fumes . Pre treats are done UNDER the slab and as a trench drench around the house . If you want a termiticide in your walls you need to use boracare as it is not toxic to humans . Boracare is a boric acid compound and termites will not travel through wood that has been treated . You apply boracare AFTER the inside walls are up and is applied with a foam generator .
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    Just a thought that I ran into on what you are facing. My bank would not accept that I had made the treatment myself, it had to be signed off by a certified applicator and they had to know the amount and type of product. You know they aren't going to give you money for a house that is going to be eaten by bugs before they get the last of those 30 year payments from you. I did my own apps, and had a friend over to work with me who was also licensed and he signed off on it. Even though I was licensed they said it was a conflict of interest for me to sign off on my own home.

    Just something you might want to check to make sure you get your $$$.


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