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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mowman, Dec 1, 2001.

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    What do you all use to fertlize shrubs? One of my customers payed ChemLawn to do his shrubs. After they did it the shrubs looked no different than before they did the app. He thinks they RIPPED him off. So what do you guy's/gal's suggest to fertlize shrubs and trees? Thanks for your input, as I know nothing about this.


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    Analysis & rates will vary depending on plants. I do know that TrugreenChemlawn uses the same fert mix as they do for lawns. 27-3-5 in my area.They just spray the bed surface for foundation shrubs (which is about the equivelant of us throwing dry fert in the beds on a close pass. When they inject trees, they are supposed to go in 3" and inject 6 oz. of fert. What I've seen is them stabbing the lawn and injecting so fast that it is still dripping when they pull it out. Then you see the greener taller clumps circling around the tree a week later.
    I have personally burned a few shrubs (at my own home-experimenting) with higher p & k ferts. Again, you need to really research this as it is not quite as easy as fertilizing lawns.
  3. Lesco has fertilizer suitable for shrubs. Last time I looked I used 16-16-16 or close slow release.
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    And at 4 bucks a shrub, it's quick, EASY money. It takes about 4 seconds to do each one.
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    Runner is right, there is great money in deep root fertilizing, I do not do it as a main portion of my business but I do offer it. I also charge $ 4.00 per unit for shrubs or small trees. I use Arbor-green you can buy it at Lesco. It is 60 % slow-release and one feeding lasts 2 years. The only down fall with this product is constant tank agitation is needed.

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