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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DustyH, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. DustyH

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    I am needing to spray 10 acres that was clear cut a couple of years back. It is mostly brush and small Sweet Gum trees. What would be the best to spray on it to kill everything? I am wanting to do a control burn on it this fall.
  2. daman

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    I did this but on a smaller scale(1/2 acre) and just used a strong mix of Round up, then i worked it for turf.
  3. olive123

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    arsenal will do it
  4. petroskie

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    bad gasoline! things will die right before your eyes ha ha! no just kidding for SUM reason ppl frown against it as a herbicide.:hammerhead:
  5. ajslands

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    Get a drip torch and let 'er burn! But don't forget to dig a fire line!

    I have no idea actaully I'm only 17 but my 2nd cousin who has 550 acres of farm land does this every three years to a praire he has, and as a matter of fact I'm going to see him at like 9 am, so I'll be sure to ask!
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  6. Ric

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    Gramoxone should not only do the job but has quick response time. It is not full blown Agent Orange, just one of the chemicals used in Agent Orange. It is used mostly as a Harvest aid by killing all the foliage so people or machinery can get to the crop without fighting the rest of the growing plant. BTW this is the same Herbicide that was in the news a few year back. It was used to control Drugs by spraying the fields that were found.

  7. kirk1701

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    I've seen people do that here :confused:
    Just after the grass goes dormant in the fall, burn it off and looks like crap all winter. Come spring it grows back in but never have understood the reason
  8. ajslands

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    Because it burns off all of the old stuff and allows sunlight to get into the dirt. Because you don't want woody plants in your grass. It also rejuvinates (spelling) everything!

    To do it, you use a drip torch and fill it with 4/5 gasoline and 1/5 diesel.

    My 2nd cousin does his every three years.
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  9. ted putnam

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    When doing total kills that require elimination of "woody" plants I have always used Glyphos spiked with Triclopyr. The triclopyr seems to burn through anything that might stop/slow the glyphos allowing it to do what it needs to do. I've easily killed brush and small trees 3" in diameter.
  10. Ric

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    The fire SHOULD clean most every thing including smaller woody plants. I think the best management practice would be to use just enough Herbicide to offer enough dry organic material as FUEL for a good Burn off.

    Many Years ago when I grew a Bahia/Bermuda hay, I burned off the field after each cutting as weed control on the next crop. I used no Herbicide on that field and had excellent hay.

    An other Fire trick I used was for planting Oats as a winter crop here in the south for both Live Stock grazing and Deer attractant. I would burn off a section that I want to plant oat on and then Just Throw FEED OATS not seed oats on the freshly burnt ground. I got 60 to 65% germination out of Feed Oats compared to 85% Germination out of Seed Oats at 5 time the price.

    Dusty H

    Either using a Chopper or Chaining the field before burning it will help get a complete burn. A Chopper is like a large Roller except it has sharp bars all around the roller drum that will cut off branches after they are smashed to the ground. Choppers are very popular with Cattle ranches here in Florida who at one time did a lot of unimproved pasture burning. Chaining is when two tractor are connected by a large logging chain that is dragged over the field. In some case this is done with very Large equipment and used to clear certain types of land. But the Idea here is to have all the burnable material smashed to the ground where it gets a complete burn no matter what you use.

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