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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Patfo, Feb 2, 2001.

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    This is only my third post but I love the info you guys supply. I'm thinking about going full time this year as I just got back from the dealer. He has an Exmark LazerHP 48 in. deck 21 HP Kawasaki for $6999.00 (new). Is this a decent deal? I will be targeting resendential accounts so I want something to get on small properties but still able to cover ground quickly. Dealer support looks good will supply backup Exmark if mine goes. Also has UltraVac unit for $1150.00.
    Second Question: Do you Exmark owners recommend the Vac unit. I'm thinking primarily for leaves or will mulching the leaves powder them up pretty good?
    Third: Does the mulching system provide a good looking cut compared to just discharging? I will be working in some tight places and may not want to blow grass all over flower beds etc. THANK YOU for any feedback!
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    You should ask him this question cause he's one of our local exmark dealer's, and his company is usually fair when it comes to dealing with the contractor in our area from what I've heard.

    Hope this helps,

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