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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ALAN_50501, Oct 5, 2004.

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    I Live In Fort Dodge Iowa And Was Wondering What A Good Wage Is.....i Charge About 20.00 A Lawn Know On Some And If They Are Somewhat Bigger I Charge 25.00....whats A Good Wage For Raking Know Im Charging 10.00 An Hour Should I Raise It Up How Can I Do It With Out Getting My Customers Mad..thanks
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    Well, I think it matters if you are just charging a "wage" or are you running a business? If you are running a business, $10 per hour may cover your wage, but when you add in all of your expenses to run a business (equipment, taxes, vehicles, insurance, licenses, etc.) you have to charge a lot more.
    The difference comes in as to how efficiently you can get the job done.
    It may take you 5 hours to hand rake a lawn of leaves, so $50 for you with a rake. It may take 1 hour to do with a leaf blower, but it should still be $50.

    Hope this helps some. You may want to post some more info on your background to get a lot more ideas and suggestions from people.
    Good luck with it! :waving:
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    ive got like 12 yards i do.....its kind of like a job for me..but i dont have insurance i dont charge tax...i use just a 21" lawn boy self propelled with 6.5 horse i own a rear engine snapper rider......i have just one yard that is really big and i use the rider on that one it takes me about 2 hrs maybe a little less i have a leaf blower plus yard vaccum and chain saws all my equipment is new and good most are poulan pros.....i work by myself unless its a big job then if possiable my wife helps me.......most of my yyards i charge around $15.00 to $25.00 trimming is included in price....does this sound like a good wage??? i use my leaf blower alot in the fall and i even haul the leaves away in my 4x8 trailer i charge them a dump fee of 10.00 because thats what it cost to dump..then when i trim trees or bushes i charge 10.00 an hour doing that also....am i charging enough or not??? thanks
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    some points to ponder while you wait for an answer to your liking:

    you've said "am i charging enough" enough times to make it look like you're trolling here for a good time. so far, you've hit all the buzz words to start a flame war, including: "no insurance", "don't charge tax", "I charge $10 an hour", "kind of like a job", etc.

    the lack of tax and insurance alone will get you zero (0) respect on this board.

    if those rates are enough for you, enjoy your "like a job", just don't plan on getting ahead, or breaking even for that matter.

    if you're serious, use the search function for a phrase such as "what to charge" or await the 50 responses that tell you to search "am i a scrub?".

  5. ALarsh

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    15 years in the business and your asking us now if your charging enough?

    34 years old and asking us if $10 a hour is enough?


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