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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by TriCountyLawn, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Alright im looking for a compact tractor that can be used for seeding, aerating ( turfco 3pt hitch) and maybe mount a tank on the front and have a boom spray rig on the back. I would also like to be able to use a small box grader to grade out drives ect. I dont plan on doing ANY mowing with it.

    Now I was looking at some mid 80's-90's John Deere tractors 420 ect. I dont know anything about these tractors but Im thinking something small would be ideal for what I can see myself using it for.
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    Look for a machine with industrial tires on it, it's a happy medium between ag's and turf's and they are still yard friendly but will give you some pretty good bite when and where traction is needed.
    John Deere 420's don't ring a bel to me from teh lateer 80's to early 90's but there were alot of the 50 series (650, 750, 850, 950) machines made that are still used alot today. I woudl look for a 4wd unit as rear wheel traction on those things reall isn't anything to brag about, and if you can find one with a loader get it, it will be handier than you think.
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    420 is the Loader model #. It could be different tractors you looking at. A 4000 series or the 4010 series. All these series took the 420 Loader. The ehydro feature is excellent. Much easier to use than gear drives & less maintenance. John Deere has come a long way with their Compact Tractors in the past 10 years. Check out the new 3020 series if you want a true Compact Tractor. Deere cost a little more in some instances but you defenity get what you pay for.
  4. Birdhunter1

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    How do you figure that a gear drive trans is less maintenance than the ehydro?

    As for brands I'd stick to New Holland/Case IH (same machines, made by Shibaura or Mitsubishi?), JD (rebadged Yanmars), Massey Ferguson (rebadged Iseki's), Kioti's (actually made by Kioti) or Kubota (made by Kubota).

    Massey Ferguson or Kioit will be the cheapest of the ones listed above, with MF you won't have a problem getting parts or service as there are lots of MF dealers, same with Kubota, JD, Case/IH, or New Holland, not sure with Kioti.
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    Have you ever seen or used a John Deere Ehydro transmission? A John Deere "Ehydro" transmission is less maintenance than a gear drive because it has less moving parts. No mecanical linkage from pedal to transaxle. The forward & reverse pedals control module is sealed up in a casing that sends a signal from the pedals to the transaxle. Also the twin touch pedals not the boomerang pedal that Kubota has pedals are much easier to depress. One other feature that the ehydro's have are the pedals are electronic. The brakes are activated as you let go of the pedals. It also has alot of electronic options such as automotive style cruise control and Load sensing features to make you more efficient. At our John Deere dealership we repair more manual transmissions than ehydro's. Second get your facts straight about the manufacturers of the tractors you listed. John Deere only uses Yanmar engines in their compact tractors. The tractors are NOT manufactured by Yanmar. Do some more research bud.
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    The 420 is a "garden" tractor. 20 horse power liquid cooled engine. Generally with a 60" deck. Cat 'O' 3 point hitch, a hydraulic remote.
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    A bunch of electronic gadgetry in place of a clutch pedal and a gear shifter is less maintenance? Sure am glad that 40 year old MF 135 in the barn that has a gear transmission hasn't broke yet! Electronic controls+contacts+ dust+moisture+wear/tear= pain in the ass. But I will say that a hydro trans. is easier on knees and legs if you have to do alot of forward/reverse work whereas a gear trans you have to manually shift into or out of gear all the time. Myself, I prefer a shuttle shift trans.

    Look at a yanmar machien and a deere and tell me they don't look alike, at least the older ones (5 or 6 years ago did) and I assume they still do. What I was basically saying is Kubota's are Kubota's and Kioti's are Kioti's, whreas Massey Ferguson's are part MF part Iseki and NH/Case/IH are part Mitsubishi and Shibaura
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    Hydro is great if you're doing a bunch of loader work and very precise loader work. It allows you to not have to think about changing directions, just move your foot. Now I can run a shuttle no problem, I've been running tractors on the farm since I was about 5, but I still prefer hydro for loader work. With that said, once I get into the orchard, I hate hydro. Can't keep a real constant speed, if you hit a bump in the row and you smash the pedal you'll speed up or slow down, just a real PITA. Plus the sensor on our Kubota L3410 that tells the tractor it's in neutral before you can start the tractor goofs up, so you'll have the range selector in neutral, turn the key and nothing happens. Other than that little glitch, reliability is pretty good with the hydros, but nothing beats a standard 8 speed gearbox. Give me a tractor built 20+ years ago, those were the good ones. We have an early 80's Kubota L275 that is irreplaceable and a '72 Deere 1020, those were the best tractors ever built, none of that yuppie crap on them.

    In response to the original post, you really don't need anything over about 25 horse it sounds like. Kubota B21's are nice, but they're super expensive and they are midgets for what you pay for. I'd say a Deere 850 or 950 would be your best best, maybe with a backhoe and most liekly with a loader can be had for about $10,000 depending on hours.

    As for the guy that doesn't think Deere is Yanmar, you are incorrect. Yanmar is a grey market Deere marketed for sale overseas, "bud".
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    John Deere 1070

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