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    I am looking to start a business that involves mowing(small and large), general lawn care, fence post digging, grading work, bushhogging, rototilling, medium grade digging.ie..sceptic systems maybe, small land clearing, snow removal in winter(snowblower attachment)..Looking for some answers on whether I should go with FOrd, John Deere, Kabota..what models u think would be best and what horsepower would be the most benifitail for the work described above.
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    You should post this on the "Tractor Forum".
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    I'd go with a kubota. Kubota machines are very dependable and the dealers are extremely nice. This is only what I've heard, go to tractorybynet.com and ask. I've operated kubotas, but have had no experience with dealers. All I've read is that JD dealers are not the nicest people around. A kubota L35 backhoe with other attachments or a B21 (for smaller use) are very nice machines.


    P.S. With some of those jobs, it would much faster to use a trackhoe, like land clearings or whatever. It just depends on the size of job you do. Kubota has nice trackhoes, so does cat. Get a hyd. thumb of course. Even some situations that come up with excavating, trackhoes prevail. Muddy areas etc.
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    I have a new Mahindra 4110 model. It can do as easy as Kubota/NH/JD. I have the detachable Bradco 511 (11 ft at 2 ft bottom) backhoe. Of course the pto and front end loader. I wanted a L48 Kubota or JD 110 both TLB's. I picked Mahindra because they will be a force to reckon with. The dealers are nice. and the best part,, 20,000 cheaper that the L48 or JD 110. Not a misprint, I said 20,000 and this is a lot of money!!
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    Kubota tractors are good, I have had a lot of good experience with them. The one dealer I went to were really nice.
    John Deere makes great tractors, but the dealers arent as nice usually,
    I personally dont like the Ford tractors. The two I have operated on had to be in the shop a lot.


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