what transmission fluid you use? amsoil

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by grass disaster, Dec 5, 2018.

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    We used to use Mobil 1 15w-50 but last few units I put it in it seemed to break down too fast. Trying out Amsoil's 20w-50 hydro transmission fluid now.

    I'd go with oil designed for hydro systems if it's available to you, a motorcycle transmission operates differently and has different requirements than a fixed gear hydro.

    If all they recommend is a 20w-50 oil it should be fine, but for a more confident answer you should email or call them for their opinion.
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    i've used amsoil engine oil in 06 super duty since it was new also used it in my z master since new and my z spray. its the only oil i use but i agree with guy gary i'd call amsoil and ask them to make sure you get the correct oil...
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    Motorcycles have clutches. They're typically wet clutches that share the fluid with the engine and transmission or something of that sort. So not to say that oil isn't good to use, but I just wanted to throw the mental picture out there for you. Mowers don't really have a transmission it's more of a continuous hydraulic system that feeds fluid one way or the other. The flow direction turns the wheels one way or the other. No clutch is needed because it uses a valve to cut the supply off. Think of it like a gear drive sprinkler. That being said most people around here opt for regular synthetic amsoil in the weight specific for the application or toro hypr 500. I use the Toro stuff because I buy gallons of it for the dingo I have now and it's still under warranty as with my GS. I use it in all my other equipment for my business or for resale.
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  5. StratsRock

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    I used Amsoil for a couple years. Not
    Impressed. I believe it to be a Multilevel Marketing scheme and nothing more.
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    Bought a new ttII this year. At the end of each season is when I do all my maintenance so things are ready to go in the spring and nothing is sitting over winter with oil filled with junk that can sludge up. Anyway, Scag also recommends ANY 20w-50 oil in the hydros for this machine and states that synthetic is NOT necessary.

    I like synthetic though, it is proven to prevent wear better. That said I used Amsoil 20w-50 hydrostatic transmission oil at the end of the season and swapped out all the hydro fluids in this machine. I also have a commercial account so I get it a little cheaper than face value on the web. Granted I have not used this machine since adding the Amsoil except to move it around in the garage...... BUT it has already significantly quietened the hydros down a noticeable amount to my ears. Not sure that going off noise is proof of anything, but it made me smile a little bit none the less.

    For years, and years I did not buy into the amsoil deal. I thought of it as the Mary Kay equivalent for guys. However, every time I ever researched any use of their product(s) to compare to what I had known to be an acceptable standard... their product exceeded it. I can't say that I blindly follow Amsoil now.... I still am a Mobil1 fanboy as well. But I am starting to believe through other uses and applications that the Amsoil line of motor oils is very good, if not the best or one of. Their Saber 2 stroke oil is the best junk since sliced bread.

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  7. Mark Oomkes

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    You don't like Scamsoil?
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    Yeah, it will work fine. No need to buy another oil fer yer unit.
    And yeah, some cycles have wet clutches, but the clutches are designed specifically fer the oil. Most motor oil ain't designed/formulated specifically fer the clutches.
    Motorcycle oil is primarily formulated to take the heat and cycles better...or to take yer money better, right.
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  9. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    The toro/Exmark OEM factory seems to work really well for us. No complaints on Mobil 1 other than you do have to change it more frequently per Exmark.... both validate warranty so that is what I use. And the 15-50 I use in the engines during the 95*+ summer, Its more of a cost thing as mobil 1 comes in small 5 gallon drums at Tractor Supply.

    However I'm more of a Lucas brand believer than AMSOIL. Both of which are better than OEM stuff.

    Goes back around tho that the frequency of fluid changes ARE more important than fluid type/brand.
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  10. OP
    grass disaster

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    Just spoke to the amsoil technician
    he said I can use my sae 20w-50 (ARO) that I already stock on the shelf for my big block kohler.

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