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What trimmer to buy? Echo or shindaiwa?

Hi guys.
We still have snow here, but I am working on equipment and want to buy a new trimmer. My exmark dealer, (a great guy) sells shindaiwa and says they are good, but more well known down south then up here in western NY. Many guys around here seem to have echo's. Any advice would be much appreciated......

Blades of Steel

LawnSite Senior Member
Southaven, MS
Shindaiwa is my vote and have used and own both. The Echo SRM260 is too damn hard to start and the carbs on the echos are not too reliable. My shindaiwa's never fail to start on the second pull and run very well. I have a t-260 and 270. Either is a good choice. The shindaiwa's are a little heavier i think.



LawnSite Member
Thanks Tim.
My shindaiwa dealer says he has a bunch of last years T230's that he is selling at a good price...(?)..about $220.00 Does anyone there have any opinion on the T230?
I'm not sure what other models he has. This trimmer would not get that heavy of use, and he says that this is way better then the entry level homelite, toro's etc, type. I basically just want a trimmer that will be reliable and not need fussing with the head a dozen times a day. I'm leaning to the shindaiwa mainly because of the service....my dealer is worth a million.....if I did gret an echo, I'm not sure about the service, but I admit I have not looked at the other dealers around here yet.


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Athens, Alabama
Echo 260S are great I bought 2 last year and I will never own anything else. The secret to starting them is to prime them 4 times, put on half choke and pull. They will start in at least 2-3 pulls. Don't buy from Home Depot go to a dealer.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Shindaiwa, without a doubt. T230 are great, light weight, powerful. If it will be your main trimmer, I'd suggest a 260, still light, but more power for the big jobs. I have a 260, 230, 270, a few of them actually, awesome machines. Great price on the 230 also!


LawnSite Silver Member
i own echo but have used shindaiwa at work. I like the echo 260, however I have nothing but praise for the T260 shindaiwa.

it is powerful and with a little bit taller grass, i have nothing to say but EXCELLENT WORK


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I have only used Shin of the two, so of course I would have to say that. But I would still choose Stihl over both.

Master of the Lawn

Either one is a good choice, but make sure your dealer carries a good stock of parts for the one you choose. ( Down time Sucks)