what truck Do I need?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tony Schardt, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. tony Schardt

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    Hello I'm starting a lawn and landscape business next season. I'm only 18 and don't have a whole lot of cash. What would be the perfect start-up truck? I was thinking of a 1/2 ton with a 350 motor.

    Tony Schardt
  2. Id go with a good used 3/4 ton ,every thing will be more heavy duty than a half ton but just starting out a 1/2 probaley will do awhile. Get a chevy, former gm worker talking
  3. AltaLawnCare

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    A 3/4 ton won't work as hard as a half ton pulling the same load, and so, will last longer with fewer break downs. ;)
  4. little green guy

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    get a 1 ton, If your gonna have it as a work truck only, buy a ford, if it's gonna be a work/ personnal truck get chevy. Chevy's are much more comfortable to drive around in all the time, but fords have a heavier suspension and hold up better to abuse. Definitly get atleast a 350/351 engine. Better yet if you can find a good 1 ton dump you'll be better of with that. The best start up truck would be a nice used f350 4x4 mason dump with a 460 or a desiel engine maybe a 95'-97'
  5. Little green guy

    THE supensions on the 99 chevy on are much tougher than before and the frames are now hydroformed and much tougher
  6. bubble boy

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    will you be plowing or towing large loads? factor this in, if yes go at least 3/4 ton.

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