What truck for switch and go?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mrusk, Sep 14, 2005.

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    As my business grows, and as my first year in business starts to come to a end, i now know what i need to add next year.

    Skid steer and something that dumps.

    I am looking to buy a truck and put the switch and go system on it. I am a big fan of Earth, Wood and turfs trucks. After seeing his pics i have my mind set on a Freightliner FL70 with a 33 gvw. I don't mind having to get my cdl. Am i dumb for wanting such a big truck? I thought about smaller trucks, but even a f550 will take several trips to the supplier on big paver and wall jobs.

    I figure if i go with the switch and go, i'll be able to get the flat deck and haul my skid steer around on that instead of buying a heavy equpiment trailer.

    I belive having a truck of this sizes with the roll off bodies will save me enough money and time to pay for it self.

    What do you experience guys think? Is this to much truck to send a crew out in daily? I look foward to hearing your thoughts. No matter what, i need a big truck next year.


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    All of our trucks under 30,000 GVW are GM products. Over 30,000 are Mack.

    Lets go off the brand and focus on GVW for a minute. After just adding a 5500 last year, a 4500 this year, and a 6500 in a week, all with roll off dump bodies, let me tell you how I see it. If you get into a 4500-5500 series, you are going to have 43-47K in a cab and chassis. When the day is all over, no matter which you go with, you still have a truck under 20,000 GVW.

    Step up to the 6500. Though you can get that chassis up to a 35,000 GVW rating, the minimum is 25,800. The cost, let me show you. Where the 5500 with Dmax/Allison, air, yuppie windows and mirrors, air riude seat, 120v power yada yada ran with the roll off body $54K, the 6500 with a 9 liter Dmax and 9 speed allison ran with a longer chassis, and roll off body, $58,600.00

    Don't focus on anything under 26KGVW....With the 25.8 that this truck has, all I need to do is put one crumb in the body and I still require the CDL stupidity, which I already have anyway.

    What I'm saying is, for a small amount more, you get lots more truck that will carry more, and last a whole lot longer because you are not pushing the weights to the red line.

    My two cents worth. Check it out for yourself.
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    Uniscaper - I always listen to what you say. I remember talking about truck in the spring with you. Almost went and bought a ford, but did not because of what you said. I acctually ended up with a 05 dodge cummins 2500. The price was right, and it does what i need it to do. When i bought it, i new i'd be adding a big dump to the fleet the next year.

    I know i need to go over 26k. Whats your thoughts on new vs use? Arn't alot of these truck 500k mile trucks?

  4. Boycea

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    Do you have any pictures of your trucks, or your fleet, they sound pretty nicely done up.


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