What truck should I get?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by matt25738, Oct 26, 2012.


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    If your everyday towing is a 12 foot enclosed trailer like you have then yes. If your everyday towing is a mini ex/skid steer then no get a diesel.
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    Thats what I say bud but thats just my opinion. You said you were going to use it for towing a mowing trailer and daily driver. You will not need any more. Now I only have experience with chevrolet gassers. My uncle has a 5.4 litre ford and it is a dawwwwwg. I wouldnt own one of those. I borrowed that truck one time and thats it. Im pretty sure that truck has space shuttle highway gears in it though and that may be why I was having to lean on it so bad.

    It was stated above, if your going to be towing a bunch of weight go diesel but for no more than you say your going to do, I wouldnt spend the extra money unless diesel is whats gonna tickle your fancy. If you want diesel just because you want it thats cool to. Like i said, I see ppl towing see-doos with dually diesels all the time. Whatever makes ya happy!!
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    Why didn't you like the ford? If you don't mind.... I don't need a diesel, the only thing I tow is my 12' trailer. After looking into it more and what's all involved ill pass on the diesel for my little rig.lol
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    I agree with that, I don't tow a bunch of weight ever. Id say my outfit is arond 6,000lbs max that I pull daily. Im also comparing apples to oranges I guess when Im comparing a 97 powerstroke turbo diesel to my 2004-2006 gassers also.

    I think that my 97 turbo powerstroke was only rated at like 195hp or something like that. It is a freaking daawwwwg on stock setting. I ordered a chip with an added 80hp setting and I can tell you my gassers will still outpull it any day up any hill in my area but thats old news diesels.

    My uncle also has a 2001 powerstroke. now that truck will outpull my gassers no problem...... I just bought the dog of diesels I guess..
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    honestly I think its because I got a lemon.......

    With all the hype on Diesels I just had to have one (yeah one of those deals). so I asked around to some garages and asked them "what do you think was the best all around work truck around". Most all there answers were the same. They all said the old body style 7.3 turbo diesel fords.

    So i searched high and low for a good on and I found a nice one. One owner 97 power stroke 119k miles no blow by hardly at all. So I put her to work and immediately was disappointed with the power. Hills in my area arent huge but decent and my gassers would hold 60 no prob but the ole ford would on the floor loose speed to about 52. She was just gutless. Ordered a chip and some guages because when you buy diesel you need to watch egts. after the chip guages and install it was about 1,300 bucks. Still wont pull like my gassers

    Then comes the little things that come along with diesel. I picked up a miss. come to find out it was a few bad injectors. Very big money for repair.

    Next glow plugs needed replaced. Back to the shop for MORE downtime and once again VERY BIG MONEY.

    next the tranny started acting really funny. Down shifting at random times (cant believe it didnt blow a rod or something it reved it so high) After a few different mechanics come to find out it was just a sensor on top of the pumpkin which was cheap but I was down a truck for a week and a half.

    then tranny starts leaking like crazy. It was the pump. While in there had shift kit added.

    I just dont have these types of problems with my 6 litre gassers and never have. Not to say it wont happen some time but for the past 7 years ive never had but one of them go down and that was a fuel pump.

    like I said its probably because I got a lemon because the mechanics that I use couldnt believe I was having so much trouble. Remember they were the ones that recommended this truck to me. I gave them guys all kinds of hell about that one.

    Dont write off diesel if its what ya want, but on the other hand for what your talking about pulling, I just don't think you will HAVE TO HAVE DIESEL....

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    Well i own a 2000 dodge ram with a 8.0 liter v10 that makes 310 hp and 450 ft. lbs of tq, and also own a 2001 Cummins with roughly the same power (stock), the Cummins put the v10 to shame stock for stock. Once i added an intake, 4 inch straight pipe exhaust, and a power programmer the cummins made the v10 feel like a ford ranger.

    For power and pulling heavy there really is no other choice then a diesel.

    Also let me add my v10 pulls heavy loads with little to no effort, and i have never actually "needed" more power from it while towing, but the diesel does it better, does it faster, And struggles far less. it also gets more then double the mpg while doing it.
  7. mowcrazy

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    ya know, Ive heard those v10 dodges were some strong trucks....

    We live in southern ohio and we have a lot of farmers that haul cattle and round bails into kentucky and they pretty much all have diesel power. There is no doubt it seems in this area anyways the cummins trucks are preferred expecially for the folks pulling REALLY heavy loads with the round bails. Ive been next to them while they were pulling hills and they are impressive to say the least. little smoke rolling and they hold there speed on most hills. Im not talking about these guys taking 2 cows to slaughter either. These boys are hauling a hell of a bunch of weight!!!!
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    Legaly ya. Just put the plow on and plow. Thats what everyone does and the GM's hold up good. The 2012 and on have an extra 1000 lb rated front axle anyway.
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    Well after all my searching I found what I wanted. Just purchased it today.


    We have alot of hills around here, so after test driving a lot of different trucks, I had to go with the diesel.
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    Nice truck, that should pull whatever you have up any hill. Looks like it has low mileage as well, overall I'd say you got a good buy.

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