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    I am brand new to this site and I'm sure this topic has already been discussed, so don't mean to act like a newbie, but I am getting a newer truck over my Dodge 2500 V8 lack of power gas hog. I either want a 2000-2003 F250 with the 7.3 and a stickshift or a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Cummins and a stickshft. Which is a better buy in the long run? I understand people are going to like one truck more than the other just because they are die hard fans of either brand, but honestly which truck is better for the buy and why? I hear working on a Ford or getting someone to can be a real pain. Are the brakes better on the 03 Dodge's because mine on my 1997 are terrible. I hear the Cummins is an incredible motor, but does the rest of the truck suck? Thanks guys
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    From my expereince, the Cummins engine is great, but the Dodge trucks do not usually lst in the long run.

    The Fords with the 7.3 are practically bulletproof. This truck was built right, heavy duty all the way through with a powerplant to handle any task.

    I would get the Ford with the 7.3. The manual is your option, but I have been impressed with the Torqueshift auto tranny in the Fords. I do not think you can go wrong with either tranny.
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    I have been actively looking for trucks too. I decided to go with a bigger model eg. f450 to allow for future growth. Just a thought.
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    well if your goin manual...the ford 6 speed is good until it breaks, then its 4 grand to fix! they cant rebuild them for some reason. but the ford is the better truck. and you cant get the torqshift with that engine, so thats out. the cummins is great but the dodge is just not a great truck. those are my experiences. by the way ive had fords and dodges. i have a cummins right now, and cant wait to go get another ford. Im going to get an 08 with the 6.4!!

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    Thanks for the replys! Still not sure what to get, so the more replys the better! I will never ever get an auto transmission again, when towing, unless its an Allison. Cost me $3000 to rebuild the auto in my Dodge and it still sucks! I've heard that the 7.3s can be a mess to work on and the Cummins was easier....any of you agree? So what you're saying is that the Cummins is awesome, but the rest of the truck isn't too great? I figured an 03 would last a while.....Thanks again!
  6. TXNSLighting

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    nope the 03's still suck. yes the cummins is easier to work on, but the powerstroke really isnt that hard to work on either. mines an 05 cummins, and has been in the shop several times for truck problems, twice for engine problems, and 4 times for other stuff. like the windshield wipers just kinda come on when the want to and wont stop. the radio volume just turns up and down. and the ac controls dont work from time to time, and the windshiled has bad wind noise, and also the passenger side door has bad wind noise. the keyless entry doesnt work half the time either...but it looks good!
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    well if i was going to buy a new truck id go for a GMC/CHEVY with the duramx/allison....ive got chevy, gmc, and Ford, i can tell you that my ford f-350 with the 7.3 in it has or i should say "had" lots of problems ( after i put in about id say $7,000 in just under 1 year, but most of it was due to rusting, rusty oil pan, rusty fuel, trasmision , power steering , and brake lines..and i just put in over $1,000 for the glow-plugs, and relay...but i can say when its running its SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....my chevy dump has a BRAND NEW engine in it but its not a diesel....SOOOO i d say go GMC/CHEVY!!!
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    Ford 7.3 Diesel with the 6-speed. That drivetrain will not die. You run it for 4, 5, even 600,000 miles, then you just tear it down and rebuild it and it'll do it all over again. I have a friend who has the 7.3 in his '96 E350 that has almost 400,000 and its still running strong with just regular maintainance.

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    Thanks, that helps to hear. Still haven't fully decided yet.....
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    What are you using the truck for?

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