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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Trevor8, Feb 6, 2010.

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    I debated between the F150 and Tundra last year. I decided on the Dbl Cab Tundra on one simple item, the motor. There was a huge difference in power. You can't go wrong on either one, but if you're going to tow, the Tundra is a better option. FYI, the Tundra is built in the US and has more American made parts in it than any other truck on the road....although, that might be a bad thing, ex. the gas peddle assy.

    Buy American

    http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/staticfile.../Articles/Associated Files/AALA/AALA2009p.pdf
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  3. Trevor8

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    think we are getting the tundra but friday we are going to test drive the 4.6 and comare it to the 5.7 and get it based on which one we like better
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    Are you talking about the V6? That would be such a mistake.
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    Ford only makes a V8 f150 now Gravelyguy
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    4.6 vs 5.7??? why dont you do a worthy comparison..thats apples and oranges..
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    Thats what I was thinking. Unless you want to compare MPG. A Toyota 4.6 vs the Ford 4.6 would be comparable.
  8. Outdoor_Maintenance_2010

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    go ford!:)
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    I have an 07 Tundra double cab 5.7L and tested all the others when I got it. If you are pulling you will totally love the 401 ft lbs of torque from the Tundra over a great broad power band. The 6 spd tranny with 4.30 gears in the huge 10.5 inch rear end is great for pulling, brakes are large and stop good too. If you look past the end of your hood and see what is going on infront of you the fuel mileage will be just fine, empty on the highway I get 25-27 mpg. Just my 2 cents

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