What trucks are you guy's using to pull your MTL's around from site to site?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Green Pastures, Dec 17, 2004.

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    I posted this question on the other forum and didn't get to good of a response.

    I've made my mind up on which MTL to buy......now I need a dump truck to pull the weight of the MTL (7500#) a few impliments (another 3000#) the weight of the trailer (another 2500#) and whatever I have in the dump bed.......I'm thinking I need a minimum of an F-550 http://www.getauto.com/autolinks_cardetail.html?x_dealer_id=AAF5g&vinNum=1FDAF56P25EA13956 but for like $4000 more I can get a loaded F-750. http://www.getauto.com/autolinks_cardetail.html?x_dealer_id=AAF5g&vinNum=3FRNF75RX5V110057

    Please tell me what you're using and include pics if you can.


    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    WE have a couple ways to pull. 20,000 lb flat deck trailer,, or we can drive right into a box and crank it up on the truck and haul direct. That way is best in tight streets, and the preferred way by the guys..

    With the flat deck trailer, if the load is properly balanced, we can haul with our 3500 Chevy truck, no problems stopping or accelerating. You don't need a 550 to pull the machine at all, matter of fact our dealer routinely pulls new deliveries with a 2500HD Chevy (Duramax/Allison package.)

    If you are going to dump and haul dirt, that is another story, because you will need the truck to run the dirt. I would not use anything below a 33,000 GVW (class 6) truck if you are planning on hauling dirt. It is always best to over spec your truck, and the non sense about not having to get a CDL is just that. So you have to get one...So what, consider it a work tool. If you load your new MTL to a flat deck trailer, no matter what the GVW is, and then to a pick up truck, as long as you are pulling your new loader, guess what? You have to get a CDL to be legal. At that point, the GVW of the vehicles is overridden by the gross weight you are hauling. You have to get one anyway. As far as what I use, we can use the pick up trucks. I am a Mack truck freek. We have a Peterbuilt tandem axle with 425HP Cat and 13 speed, a Mack Granite with a 450HP Maxidyne motor and an 8 speed, and have a single axle Granite comming with a 475HP and an 8 speed. All those are roll off dumps. The single axle Granite is replacing an 02 F-450 that I am sick of putting transmissions in. Part of the problem may very well be that we pushed it too close to it's limitations, so, time to move past it and make things better.
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    Bigger is better, definatly go with the 750 or larger if you can get, you pay through the nose at registration time, but down the road you'll find more and more work for the bigger truck.Ive got an Int 4700 with a 21000 gvw that I grew out of in 2 months of owning it. now im looking for something 33 and over, go figure.

  4. TerraVenture

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    What did the two Mack Granites run you if you don't mind me asking? I am thinking about getting a used ten wheeler but would prefer barand new with a warranty. I love the new granites I also like the pertebuilts. There is a guy down the street with a single axle pete, what a beauty, fully chromed out with aluminum wheels

  5. ksss

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    I am also having to rethink how we move things around. My biggest problem is my equipment weight is creeping up and overloading my ability to move it. The Takeuchi excavator weighs 5K more than the machine it replaced. My 70XT is almost 2K more than the 1840 that it replaced. The 440 is several hundred pounds heavier than the 70XT. So this creep is starting to cause me problems. I have a 93 K3500 6.5TD with a Banks package. It struggles pulling anything I own except the 70XT. I have an 01 K3500 with D/A which is chipped and has a Banks package. Plenty of power but my GCVW is insufficient when trying to pull the excavator and the 70 at the same time on a 24K gooseneck. The 95XT isn't even close to an option as together (with excavator) they weigh about 23K. My solution (I think) is a GMC 5500 crew cab 4X4 with a GVW of 19.5K. My 3500 is about 12K. Same engine and tranny as my 3500 but lower geared and more heavy duty. The 93 is already presold. Problem is the 5500 is about $42K (about the same as a semi loaded K3500 D/A). I struggle with such an outlay of money when none of it is directly billable. We pull with the dump trucks as needed but most often there are lasers, hand tools, etc which are difficult to store in a dump truck. The cost of moving everything around with dump trucks also is expensive not to mention inconventient if your not utilizing the dump truck as a dump truck. I will make a decision this week. Dam that is gonna hurt.

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    The tandem axle was $92,300 with 4 extra roll off boxes. trailer hitch, etc etc.

    The single axle with the 475HP is going to run into the 70's when it arrives. Everyoner out here runs thier Peterbuilts, we got one of them, and it must be the midwest in me, but I'm really not very impressed. It gets the job done, but there is nothing like staring at the chrome dogs ass while your are driving.

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