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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vaacutabove, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. KS_Grasscutter

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    7 dollar handling fee to put a nozzle in a box? Yikes.
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  2. turfcobob

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    There is more to it than just putting something in the box. The box for instance is not free, the packing, the label and the person who has to pack it. Then there are benchmark costs set in place for handling just one part be it a small plastic nozzle or a large frame part. It is very difficult and costly to try and hadle each part and bill on size alone and using postal service is also difficult as they do not want to stop by at 4:30 pm to pickup. So we standardize service. It is all more difficult than it seems on the surface. Just remember each and every order has handling, packing and shipping. Sorry we cannot do it for free. But, I will tell you that this very topic came up at our planning meeting two weeks ago and we are looking into the very thing you want us to fix. So something will happen, give us a little time to work on it.
  3. kbrashears

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    Your company is the exception. Not the norm. Perhaps you need an outside audit to teach you how to not stick it so hard to your customer base.
  4. vaacutabove

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    bob I will say yours and the other guy jim I think is his name has been hands down great customer service. But this i thought was just crazy. I am looking at keeping parts on hand here shortly and will be buying more will be paying a lil more attention this time. I also need a parts list on the 3in one see if I want to order one or build one if anyone has it.
  5. kbrashears

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    Seriously, I'm in the market for a seeder and a top dresser. I know Turfco makes a great product. But getting gouged on shipping for parts is going to have me looking elsewhere.
  6. gregory

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    Shipping is a tough problem.. yea it cost the OP alittle over 20.00 in shipping to get his part.. one of the problems is your looking at how much it cost to get that part not how much money did you make with your machine that day bc you had the part and the machine was out running? that is what is the most important part not how much money it cost you to get the part but how much money you made bc the machine was up and running.. you've spent more then 20.00 worth of time on here... its the cost of doing buiness...i've had some of my customers spend over 300.00 in freight to have stuff next day bc of the weight but there trk makes over 1k a day when its running.......
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  7. mr.lawn works

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    Cheapest an going broke, so support the people who handle the checks that come from my lawn care customers! Lol I agree with using the postal service!
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  8. kbrashears

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    That still doesn't make it right. It's gouging, plain and simple.
  9. djagusch

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    When figuring job costs do you factor in the envolope, stamp, time to do billing, or is it free?

    If they raise the $17 part to $32 and then charge $5 for shipping will you complain that the part is overpriced?

    What I try to do is when I'm ordering a little thing, then order a bunch of little things. Spares etc. Spreads the shipping cost over more items.

    And yes I have spent $200 to get a part tomorrow without complaining if that what it took to make money the next day.
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  10. kbrashears

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    Of course it's figured into our cost. But it isn't that dominating of a percentage of our work. I cannot believe the defense of this shady type of business. Not when LT Rich gets me small parts out the same day and the shipping and handling is minuscule compared to what Turfco is doing. And the parts are not overpriced. They are on par with just about anywhere you could get them.

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