What type and brand of Edger works best?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jrm, Feb 11, 2001.

  1. jrm

    jrm LawnSite Member
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    I have been in the part time lawn care business for a few years now and am going to add on edging this spring. Can anyone give me some info on the best brand to use and is handheld or walkbehind more convenient to use. I will be edging lawn near sidewalks and driveways etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, jrm.
  2. lawman

    lawman LawnSite Member
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    I use a walk behind edger for the first spring edge and for new customers with over grown walks. I use a stick edger (Shindaiwa) for the trim and keep up. Keep up is easy with the stick. It cuts about as fast as I can walk.
  3. npalomba

    npalomba LawnSite Member
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    Best is not something that anyone could answer for you; people only have experiences with what they have used and others have told them. I use my Honda trimmer for edging, I didn't invest in an edge since it was expensive and I could turn my edger on it's side and go much faster than I could with an edger.

    My goal is not just speed, it's quality work but at a solid pace so I could fix in more customers in one day.

    But, if you have your heart set on getting one I agree with the above statement that a stick edger is the way to go for speed.
  4. HOMER

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    I have had a lot of success with the Stihl stick edger. There ain't no way somebody can out run or do a better job with a trimmer...............nope, no way. I have 2 of them and neither one has caused me any problems.
  5. Cleve

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    Buy the most powerful stick edger you can afford. That little tool has got to be one of the best investments I made. I have the Echo and am about ready to get another. There is no way someone with a string trimmmer can do as fast or smooth a job as the steel blade will. I don't even use the bigger (and heavier) wheeled unit anymore. Early in the season I just go a little slower with the stick unit and do the first edge with it.
  6. TJLC

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    I used to use a trimmer to edge. Boy was I bad at that. Now I own an echo stick edger. It makes even me look like a pro.LOL. I bought the one that my dealer recomended. It is the second strongest. He said it would have plenty of power and he was right. I've used it on edges that have never been down with an edger before. If you take it slow at first it does fine. He sells both shindawia and echo and said both worked equally as well, but sold me the echo because he said if you are happy with all you're other echo products you might as well stick with echo. I trust him so I did. I'm sure all commerical brands are close in comparision, I guess it's what you get used to using.
  7. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have the ECHO PE-3100 (stick edger) and I love it. I would still get a walk behind for the older growth. But If you are getting only one, I would say get a stick edger. Yes, those intial, first edges will be more of a pain, but the speed of 'em when they are used to maintain a properly edged lawn makes up for it. The way I look at it is......You will maintain edges much more than you will create them, so a stick edger will be used more, so it should be your first purchase, but whenever you can afford it, buy a walkbehind. And make sure the stick edger is powerful! Yes, there are some weak ones out there!
  8. jrm

    jrm LawnSite Member
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    Thanks alot for all your help!!

  9. bob

    bob LawnSite Platinum Member
    from DE
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    Stick - Shindaiwa
    Wheeled - Tanaka or Little Wonder

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