what type and of mower to get for beginner?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kingster, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. kingster

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    Hello all, I think I may be coming into my 6th year of running my lawn care business. At first I started off push mower and I just recently purchased my first used zero turn last year. It's a ariens zoom 34. I paid 275 for it running needing a pto clutch. I brought the part used for 50 and some belts. all in all I spent about 450 on the ariens. Man, the zero turn mowers are game changer. I got much more cliental, wefre able to do more yards and make more money. The ariens did good for the one year I had it. The things I didn't like: The cut was horrible, I would usually have to make atleast 3 passes on a customers yard in order for it to look nice. Also it has horrible traction, lets not mention hills. Last things was the deck size. I know you cant fault the mower for its deck size.
    What I do like: it can fit through any gate, the money I put into it I couldn't really complain.
    Now that it is off season I'm selling my ariens for a about 1000 and is looking to upgrade. I'm trying to keep my budget 2000 and under. I know there are guys who pay a hunk of money for there rigs, but this is just my hobby that I enjoy.
    What mower would you guys recommend in that price range?
    I was looking at the rzt 50 by cub cadet, but have already read bad reviews on it.
    what do you guys think?
  2. Darryl G

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    If you're still a beginner after being in business for 6 years I think you need to find something less challenging than mowing lawns :)
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  3. kingster

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    well I was referring to the mower. Last year was my first year with a zero turn mower. I'm seeking advice on a good zero turn mower to start with.
  4. Mow-Daddy.com

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    Hey Kingster,

    I would be looking for a used (commercial) mower. As you found out having to triple mow is not very efficient, plus your compacting customers yards with all those passes.
    For $2000 you could get a half way decent walk behind and sulky. Or a 48" to 52" zeroturn with higher hrs. 1500-2000 hrs.
    Also do you keep your blades sharp, and deck adjusted correctly? Makes a huge difference on how well it will cut.

    Avoid another homeowner machine, they don't have fast enough blade tip speed to ever do a decent job cutting.
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  5. kingster

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    thanks for the advice mow dad, I recently found a 48inch scag tiger for 1600. how good are those machines?
  6. K c m

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    very good Kingston. I have never run one of them but have demoed the v ride and the thing was a monster.
  7. TPendagast

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    IMO you don't need a ZTR to be a professional

    If I were todo it over again and I didn't live in leaf country USA
    I'd set up a company the deliberately didn't use ZTRS
    focus on tightly landscaped resi
  8. kingster

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    TPendagast, I mostly do residential yards. I have one tag that is maybe 2 in a half acres. I wouldn't mind a 48' deck, but I don't think I should go bigger then 52. K C m, The seller isn't responding back to my messages. I'm starting to lean toward a hustler now. How good are those machines?
  9. Mr Stripe

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    Don't wanna just repeat the good advice above, call me lazy.
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    6 yrs in - time to buy something commercial that will last. $500 on ur old mower + $2k on another used that may only last a cpl seasons. For another $1k or so u could buy a brand new WB under warranty that you don't have to upgrade for 5-10 yrs. Took me a long time to learn....Just spend the extra $ new or top of the line. They last 5x longer - work 5x better...But only cost 2x the $$.
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