What type and size well pump?


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I have a free-flowing artesian well that is about 900' from my home that is almost completed. A 2" pipe runs to the house and I have about 9 psi at a temporary hose bib there. It will soon be time to connect the water to an aerator and/or some type of filtration system and connect that to my house. We plan to use the well for all household and irrigation water needs. The house will have 6 occupants and I will need to water about 2.5 acres. I guess my question is two-fold: a) should I locate my primary well pump at the well head or at the house, and b) what size and type (i.e., jet pump, submersible) of pump would best fit my scenario. Any other unsoliticed advice would be welcome. Much thanks!


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John deere landscapes has at least one branch in Jacksonville. Go to them with your questions and they'll spec a pump for you.


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It's a lot easier to have a pump in the well, and not have to deal with the problems of a 900 foot suction line. The last free-flowing well I dealt with was a bit 'touchy' because there was cavitation when the flow went beyond a certain point. You can figure on at least a 2 HP pump. The sandier your soil, the more water you'd want.