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What type of Blades?

I know every one has different opinions when it comes to blades, but I would like to know what type of blades some of you Hustler owners use. I live in Florida and have an 07' Super Z EFI 60" deck. Throw some opinions my way. Thanks!


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East Tennessee
Stock fusion blades are your best bet. Mine have around 30 hours on them and are still just about sharp enough to shave with. I think I touched them up with a file once and they really didn't need it then I just had them off of the mower.


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Your stock Fusion's are about the best.

I have tried notched foil eXmark blades and they work well, but you do notice less lift (suction).

Sure wish someone made a NOTCHED foil SUPER high lift with a higher or wider lift sail. This deck NEEDS lift.

TNT LawnCare Inc.

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The stock Fusions to me are Medium lift blades. The Exmark Notched high lifts give us a Way better cut , and its very obvious. I aggree with TLS you will notice less lift with Exmarks blades but a better cut. Yes i do wish also someone had or has super Highlift notched blades. The XR-7 Deck to me has turbulance problems not lift. Ive heard of others using dixie choppers blades with good results.My friend is a Machinist he's going to try to make a set of super high lift notched blades for testing.