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Discussion in 'Portable Sawmills' started by sven1277, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. sven1277

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    I am an avid timber framer and often have access to good wood. I have hand hewn timbers, but it takes a very long time to accomplish. I have been contemplating a chainsaw mill, but can't decide between an Alaskan sawmill with a slabbing rail, or a Logosol m8 with extensions. If the Alaskan will work fine, then I'll buy that. The logosol looks to make the process pretty easy. Thanks for any feedback.
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    I have an alaskan chainsaw mill and a set of rails that a friend welded to use as a guide. Works great, but its a slow and dirty process. It also takes a good size saw to mill anything sizable.

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