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What type of earphones ?

Mike Blevins

LawnSite Bronze Member
What type of earphones do you guys use? I got a portable sat. radio and wanted to use it this year while mowing but I'm having problems finding a good set that drowns out all of the outside noise.


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Southwest VA
I use a pair of Shure SE210s, they're in-ear type earphones, and with the foam sleeves, block out at least as much noise as earplugs do. Mind you, they're not rated for that use, but they work really well. However, they also cost about $150, but you do get a lifetime warranty; I used it on an older pair I had (frayed cord, replaced no questions asked).


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Southwest, FL


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i use some jvc jsut like the skull candy from walmart. they actually do a pretty good job, but i dont like to use them mowing as there is still to much noise for me and my ears hurt at the end of the day. i use them while spraying though


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Orlando, FL
I don't do music while mowing anymore, I feel I tend to zone out when I have the earbuds in, especially when I'm on the mower.

I just use regular earplugs, but for a while I had the Worktunes which worked OK.


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southern wi


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I use ones like skullcandy ones with hearing protection muffs over them


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i ordered a set of these, have not used them mowing yet but they work great for splitting wood.

DUDE! ROCK ON!! :cool2:
I've searched for something like this for quite awhile...I just want to HEAR my phone ring when operating power equipment. I also want to wear my protective hat that covers my ears & neck...and over-the-head earphones will not allow me to wear it.

I'll try listening to music, but I agree...that I'd zone out - and would prefer not to.

EDIT: I just called Gemplers, and replacement tips for these are $4.90.

Kennedy Landscaping

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El Dorado Kansas